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3. Luftwaffe THREE Photo Album Group - Officer - LEGION CONDOR + Lehrgeschwader 1 - Stab Luftflotte 2 - TOP!
Fantastic grouping of Karl KRETZSCHMAR.  823 photos in three albums!!! Covers his time in military training through service in Spain in the Legion Condor through every campaign of the war through war's end. Fantastic unbutchered content!
Album 1 contains 364 photos!  Very well captioned throughout. Covers his military and flight training and then the bulk of the photos being his time serving in the LEGION CONDOR as a He 111 pilot during the Spanish Civil War.  He included a full typed page of his service history in the Legion Condor.  Filled with super photos of him flying bombing and recon missions with A/88 "Teufelstaffel" (Devil's Squadron) in Spain 1936, many identified locations  in Spain during the Civil War, many great photos of him wearing Legion Condor uniform good photos interacting with Spanish locals, photos of he an comrades posing by their Do 17 with Staffel Emblem, great photos of other aircraft used in the Legion Condor, original photo of FRANCO visiting his unit, good photos of defensive fortifications in Bilbao "Bilbao's Iron Ring," Italian and Russian tanks and armored cars used in Spain, good photos of the interior of his Do 17, photos he took in flight od communist defensive positions, good photos of frontline troops in action, POWs, KIA troops, visiting destroyed Teruel, more gruesome KIA photos, then parades for Legion Condor in Berlin with great photos of him wearing Spanish Cross and other medals, then great larger size photos of him as personal pilot of Lehrgeashwader 1 commander Oberst KNAUSS and later General Bülowius , also a very nice studio portrait of Knauss with original signature, and more. There are also many good aircraft photos from his time in flight training, three original photos of Ernst UDET, nice photos of him attending and flying at at the 1935 Nürnberg Rally, very nice large studio portraits of him in flight gear, and more.
Album 2 contains 338 photos. Super album! Meticulously captioned throughout. Covers his tome from 1940 in the NORWEGIAN Campaign through 1942 in RUSSIA - Norway, France, Balkans, Greece, Italy and Russia!  MANY private photos of KNIGHTS CROSS WINNERS. Starts with photos of him with RK General, great photos of captured and destroyed French and British aircraft, super photos of him  in He 111 flying missions in NORWAY in April 1940, photos of him in STAVANGER and other locations in NORWAY,  photos of RK winner General Alfred Bülowius cdr.  1 Flieger Division, Oberlt Heinrich SETZ (RK+EL) of JG 77 standing by tail of his ME 109 with 128 victory markings (!), Oakleaves & SWORDS winner REINERT also of JG 77 (174+ kills), RK+EL winner VON BEUST 9KG 27 cdr.), photos of the man inspecting Soviet planes shot down by REINERT,  Soviet BEUTEFLUGZEUG U-2 with German markings painted on, great photos from the France Campaign serving in Lehrgeshwader 1 (He 111 unit), many identified locations in France, knocked out French TANKS, graves of LG1 comrades, photos of him posing with General Bülowius before their He 111 with LG1 markings (he was THE PILOT and a member of the personal flight crew of the General !!), great vehicles with LG1 emblem, three RK winners conferring on airfield in Greece, great photo of FRENCH bomber on Flugplatz Eleusis indicated that it was SYRIAN used against the British, then photos from ITALY, meeting with headquarters General GARIBOLDI, photos stationed in KURSK in summer 1942 - SUPER photos of TIGER TANKS forming up for the BATTLE OF KURSK (TOP!!), great photos from battles of WORNESCH in August 1942, knocked out Russian TANKS, captured Soviet aircraft, two SUPER photos of STUG III's participating in Battle of Woronesch (one has appx 17 Kill rings!, great photos of the man on roof observing and taking photos of actual  Stuka attacks on Soviet positions (super photos!), Russian pOWs, General Foerster and Bulowius meeting, great photos of Fieseler STORCH he flew the General around the front in, he and General visiting cdr. JG 53 NORDMAN (78 kills), visiting cdr. Friedrich LANG (RK+Swords) III./Stukageschwader 1, photos of Soviet bombing raids on their airfield in OREL,  and more. Amazing album!
Album 3 contains 121 photos, meticulously captioned. Covers his time in SICILY serving in STAB LUFTFLOTTE 2 -  KG 76 and Stab Schnellkampfgeschwader 10 (among others) to war's end in Slovakia. Great photos of He 111 bombers in Sicily, many identified locations including many photos from Taromina, original private photo of GOERING, original photos of KNIGHTS CROSS Holders including Major Gunther TONNE - commander SKG 10, RK winner in Jagdgeschwader UDET in Foggia Sept 1943, original photos of RK winner General Theo OSTERKAMP during his time as Lagdfliegerfuehrer 2 (commander fighter aircraft in Luftflotte 2), the man at JG 53 base in Naples, GREAT photo of two AMERICAN AIRMEN captured in Italy, buring vehicles in Iatly after American JABO attacks, many excellent photos of him in tropical uniform wearing his medals, flying Fieseler STORCH from Sicily to Italy, great photos of Italian Macchi C.202 fighter planes with great camo, photos of his unit retreating up Italy in face of Allied advance until finally arriving at new HQ in COMPIEGNE in JULY 1944.   Interestingly, at war's end he found himself being trained as ground troops after there were no planes to fly. He was assigned to defend "Alpenfestung" - Alpine fortress but was captured by the Americans.
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