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AMAZING Three Photo Album & Document Grouping - SUBMARINE - USS Redfish - AMAZING
680 photos! AMAZING grouping to Ben F. MOELLER who served on the famous submarine USS REDFISH. Also appears he previously served on the USS PIKE. Among the REDFISH's other victories, it is famous for having singlehandedly sunk the Japanese AIRCRAFT CARRIER UNRYU and heavily damaging the carrier JUNYO, putting it out of commission for the remainder of the war!  Comes with many super documents including his Navy ID card, original newspaper clippings about the Redfish, original Submarine Combat Insignia Card, Original COMMENDATION signed by NIMITZ (!), Original PUC Ribbon citation by FORRESTAL, PUC Citation from Cawford, Ship made holiday cards when at sea, ship's roster, ship history, and more. Super photos taken from onboard the REDFISH, many great photos of the crew posing with their victory pennant after returning from sinking the UNRYU, many photos of the REDFISH with tower emblems, Redfish at sea on patrol, other Submarines in harbor, torpedoes being loaded, large photo of Moeller receiving the Commendation Ribbon Award from admiral, very nice portrait photos of Moeller, and more!