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12.    2x US WWII Pacific Theater PHOTOGRAPHER Photo Albums - Appx 900 Photos!
Fantastic collection from a US photographer stationed in the Pacific during WWII. Super quality images! Appx 900 photos in two albums! Great images of Gear, weapons, marines in action, camo helmets, many photos of KIA Japanese soldiers (Gruesome ones and not the typical Signal Corps ones that are common), piles of 10 in 1 Ration boxes, many identified locations including GUADALCANAL, many good aircraft photos, crashed planes, naked natives, very pretty WAC's, WAC's receiving awards, many good images of film crews in action, aircraft NOSE ART, aircraft maintenance, great P-51 photos, Aussie troops, great photos of Air Crew rescued at sea - some appear to have been floating round for several days before rescued!, Japanese POWs, Red Cross Girls, LST's, and much more! Best Pacific grouping we have offered! Bargain Priced!