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16b.  WAFFEN-SS Photo Group - SS Division Das Reich - Russia Campaign
106 photos of a Waffen-SS soldier in “Das Reich,” SS Regiment Germania. Good large photo of his commanding officer signed in 1984 (original photo, however), good images of W-SS uniform insignia in wear, crashed planes, wrecked vehicles, shells exploding in the field, SS Germania Cufftitles in wear, airplanes, vehicle columns, KIA in field, Panzer IV tanks, KIA Russian troops in the field, burning Russian towns and cities, photos of murals taken inside a JEWISH SYNAGOGUE, artillery cannons, Russian tractors, observation balloons in flight, knocked out Russian tanks, graves in Russia, Russian FLAK cannons, Russian troops surrendering with hands raised, Kradschuetzen troops, aerial supply drop operations, ceremonies in the field, medals in wear, SS amputees recovering in hospital, 2cm Flak cannons with Kill Rings, and more!
325 Euro - $435