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18.    German WWII Photo Album - SUDETENLAND, LUXEMBOURG, RUSSIA - Nice!
345 photos of a man who served in Inf Rgt 57 then Inf Rgt 116. Well captioned throughout. Starts with photos from his SA service, then RAD, then Army service. Photos from his service in the SUDETENLAND Campaign, good Standard & Fahnentraeger images, then photos form the West Campaign 1940 with many photos from LUXEMBOURG, identified locations in Luxemburg including EHLINGEN, ESCH, France TANKS captured and knocked out in Luxembourg, French planes, then photos of the Belgian border, French POWs, bicycle infantry, destroyed French towns, Panzers, PKWs, graves, identified locations in France including CHALON & Dijon, French colonial POWs, photos from PARIS, photos from a MOULIN ROUGE performance, then Russia Campaign, KO Russian T-34 tank, burning Russian villages, the man wounded on stretcher and the war is over for him. Graves of comrades including Waffen-SS portrait, great album!