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1.   WAFFEN-SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler Photo Album - TOP! HORNISSE Panzerjäger!
108 photos in a rare original SS photo album. Many pages are captioned. Excellent images of LAH cufftitles and shoulder boards in wear including the rare early "baroque" style LAH shoulder boards, studio portrait photos, SS postcards, portraits of Totenkopf comrades, portrait of the man wearing SS-Junkerschule Tölz shoulder boards, photos from Jundkerschule, SS canteen inside Bad Tölz, interesting SS decor, SS sport uniforms, SS combat in Russia, SS Krads, aircraft, KO Russian T-34 tanks, begging Russian POWs, SS STuG, field bivouacs, parades, SS camp helmets covers, camo smocks, rare photos of his unit with Nornisse (misidentified as Nashorn) panzerjäger tanks, camo smocks in wear, SS BMW cars, more. nice album!