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26.    British/ South African WWI & Boer War Officer Medal, Document & Original Artwork Grouping - TOP!
Fantastic named grouping to Capt. Harry McCormick. He served in the 6th MG Corps of the 2nd Division BEF. He was a POW of the Germans after being wounded and would die of his wounds on May 8, 1917. Comes with his original medals (one officially engraved) and other insignia, large binder full of documents, letters and amazing original artwork - really professionally done. The person I bought this from said he had heard the man was an artist at some point for Punch magazine. one can see how that would be true. Contains many letters he wrote to his girlfriend/wife (they both called each other "Billy"). Also comes with three additional scrapbooks with more artwork there is also original artwork he did during his tie fighting in the Boer War! Very nice portrait photo of him in uniform. the daughter daughter he had with Mary Sieveling went on to become a famous Boston ballet dancer and instructor. POW letter gives details of his wounding, capture and death.