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5.    Army Photo Album & DIARY Grouping - POLAND CAMPAIGN - 10 Inf. Division - TOP!
230 photos. One of the best Poland Campaigns we have offered. Well captioned throughout. Comes with the man's diary of his service in Poland. Also comes with several large Polish Army prints as well as two pieces of Polish uniform insignia, many good vehicle images, captured Polish bunker positions, Polish border defenses, burning villages, artillery positions in the field, Many identified locations in Poland - TORNICE, SIERADZ, LODZ, BZURA, SOBOTA,WARSAW, etc. Polish POWs, 8.8cm Flak, several captured Polish army photos, Good Befehls Panzer photos, captured Polish tanks, damaged Panzers, halftracks, Fieseler Storch, Polish and German soldiers posing with white flag, original photos of HITLER, Zwillingssockel MG 34 wagen, JEWS in WARSAW GHETTO, more. great album!