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68   US WWI AVIATION Photo & Cap & Goggle Grouping - 2nd Bombardment Group - FRANCE!
Appx 200 very good photos of a man who served in a US aviation unit during WWI!! Overseas, he was with the 2nd Bombardment Group. Comes with an original set of leather helmet and goggles. The album starts with him in the 685th Aero Squadron at Kelly Field, Tx. Many good photos of the man and comrades on the base, vehicles, aerial photos of the base and surrounding areas, good photos of AIRPLANEs in light and on the field, very nice portrait of the man in leather flight gear, nice photo of plane set up outside the ALAMO as an AIR SERVICES recruiting station, and more. The metal box is filled with all photos from France when he was stationed overseas during the war! Many captioned on the reverse. great photos of airplanes, crashes, many identified locations in France, many good vehicle photos, destroyed French towns, nice photo of a truck with "USA Department of Aeronautics Photo Motor Truck" on side, crashed GERMAN planes, captured intact German Planes with camp, great view of base car with Aero Squadron insignia, medal ceremonies, German POWS, identified unit commanders wearing wings taken at Ourches, France(I think one is Dick Calkins, later cartoonist and creator of Buck Rogers), original photo of 2nd Day Bombardment Group insignia (based at Ourches Aerodrome near Toul), great original photos of Ourches Aerodrome in France, good photos of trenches, explosions in the field, captured german munitions, several good photos showing the man posing with camera,
and more! Great grouping!