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8.    German Army Photo Album, Wehrpass and more Grouping - 163 Inf Division - INVASION of NORWAY + Russia KIA
Nice grouping, all from one man. Note indicated it was purchased from man whose mother was married to the man. He was KIA in Russia. Named to Uffz. Karl KARGE. He served in Inf Rgt 324 through most of the war. He was posted in Norway during the Invasion of that country, fighting with the 163 Inf Div. It remained in Norway on occupation duty util subordinated to the Finnish Army during the Invasion of Russia. He was KIA on July 27, 1941. Album contains many photos of him in uniform, portrait photo, photos from his time in NORWAY, comrades graves KIA during invasion of Norway, also comes with large portrait, two pocket knives and more.

 The 163rd Infantry Division was raised in November 1939. In April 1940 it was employed in the invasion of Norway, landing at Oslo, Kristiansand, Arendal, and Stavanger. It was troops from this division that was present on the heavy cruiser Blucher when it was sunk in the Battle of DrÝbak Sound in the early hours of the invasion of Norway. Thereafter it remained on occupation duty in Norway until June 1941, when it was subordinated to the Finnish army to support operations along the River Svir during Operation Barbarossa.