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1.  photos -  WAFFEN-SS Photo Album - SS Krigsberichter Kompanie - Russia
45 photos (most larger size) of a man serving in a Waffen-SS Kreigsberichter unit. Several good photos showing SS Kreigsberichter cufftitles in wear, photographers working on camera equipment, SS troops in harsh Russian winter conditions, SS troops quartered in Russian houses, winter camp headquarters in field, good photos of MG 34 foxhole positions on the Russian Steppe showing SS camp helmets, camp smocks, MG 34, grenades, heavy explosive grenades, egg grenades, etc., SS officer being interviewed in the field, SS portraits, explosions in the field, more.
$650- sold
2.  photos - Large Studio Portrait - SS LEIBSTANDARTE
Large period matted portrait photo of a SS Leibstabdarte man. 27x35cm
3.  photos  -   WAFFEN-SS Photo Grouping - SS DEUTSCHLAND - Austrian Anschluss & Sudetenland Campaign
64 photos of a Waffen-SS man serving in the SS Deutschland Regiment. Many photos captioned on reverse. Great SS uniform and insignia content. SS Standard & flags, gorgets in wear, crossing the Czech border during the Sudetenland Campaign, photos form the Austrian Anschluss, officers reviewing troops, ceremonies & rallies, SS Panzers, Czech officers surrendering, original photo of HITLER & MUSSOLINI, SS Deutschland uniform insignias and cufftitles, Czech BUNKERS, goose-stepping SS troops, SS MG troops under camp, SS Krads, more! great photos!
$850 - sold
4.  photos - SS Polizei Artillerie Regiment Photo Grouping - France & Russia Campaigns
105 photos of a man serving in I./SS Polizei Artillerie Regiment. Many photos are captioned on the reverse sides. Unit graves in Russia, MG 34, SS medics, SS artillery cannons & crews in position in the field, many vehicles, troop movements, mounted troops, Krads, SS winter camo in wear, medal ceremonies in the field, KO French TANKS, SS bands, more.
- sold
5.  photos   Waffen-SS LEIBSTANDARTE Panzer/ Sturmgeschutz Photo Album
38 photos of a man who served in a Panzer unit in the SS Division Leibstabdarte. Several photos of him in LAH Panzer uniform. LAH StuG uniform wrap tunics in wear, HJ photos, SS troops with medals in wear, LAH cufftitles, more.
- sold
6.  photos - WAFFEN-SS Postcard Photo grouping - SS Gebirgs Division “NORD”
Very nice grouping of original SS postcards showing scenes of the SS Gebirgs Division NORD. great combat content, several KETTENKRAD images, SS camo, POWs, winter camp, fox holes, river crossings, graves, wounded, KO Russian tanks, Panzers, PAK, Knights Cross SS Generals, more!
- sold
6-b. photos -  Waffen SS LEIBSTANDARTE SCHWIMMWAGEN Parade in Paris - TOP!
VERY nice large 8x10 in. original photo of SS LAH Schwimmwagens on parade on the Champs-Élysées in Paris!
Rare original award document grouping to a man who served in SS Freiwilligen Panzer Gren. Rgt. 48 of the SS-Freiwilligen-Panzer-Grenadier-Brigade ‘NEDERLAND.’ Comes with his original award document for the CLOSE COMBAT BADGE IN BRONZE awarded March 14, 1945 with original signature SS-Brigadeführer Jürgen Wagner (RK+ Oakleaves), IRON CROSS FIRST CLASS document also with original signature of Wagner, IRON CROSS SECOND CLASS Document also with original signature of Wagner. Rare grouping!
7.  photos - ALLGEMEINE SS Photo Grouping
20 photos of a man in an Allgemeine SS unit. (HJ docs in #8 are also from him - Robert SCHLOZ). You can see his face throughout the grouping. Good SS uniforms, parades, ceremonies, SS sports uniforms, Generals, more.
8.  photos -   Hitler Jugend Document Grouping
(from SS man in #7). HJ Feldsecher (medic) Ausweis & HJ DJH (youth Hostel) Ausweis.
$100 - sold
9.  photos - AFRIKAKORPS Photo Album + France Campaign - MG Batl 2 - 15 Panzer Division
photos of a man who served in the DAK in MG Batl 2 - Maschinengewehr-Bataillon 2. It was mart of the 15 panzer Division in Africa. Well captioned throughout. Starts with his Infantry training, MG 34, then photos form the FRANCE CAMPAIGN of 1940, photos from CHAUNY France and other identified locations, then photos of of his unit transferring south through Italy to AFRIKA, departing Naples for Africa via troop ship, arriving in Tripolis, PKW cars and crews in the desert, good tropical uniforms, identified KIA unit members, medals in wear, MG 34 maintenance in the desert, MG 34 mounted on PKW, VW Kubelwagen, planes, photos from TOBRUK, then photos from his time in ITALY (he escaped the captured of the DAK), photos of him wearing Afrikakorps cufftitle, SUPER studio portrait photos of him in DAK uniform w/ AFRIKACORPS cufftitle, sword and MG Battle 2 shoulder boards, more.
$625 - sold

10.  photos - Army Photo Album -France & Russia Campaigns - Armee Nachrichten Rat 520 - JEWISH Content
205 photos of a man who served in the France & Russia Campaigns. Served in Armee Nachrichten Rgt 520 - part of 18 ARMEE high command (AOK 18). In a nice unit album with facsimile signature of Kompanie commander. Photos from HOLLAND, BELGIUM & France, Sd.Kfz. 251, French POWs, vehicles, french refugees, identified locations, photos from DUNKIRK, Maginot Line BUNKERS, KO Russian TANKS, graves in the field, Krads, KIA Russian troops, KO Russian tank w/ KIA crew, JEWS in RIGA defacing Stalin & Lenin portraits, Panzers, studio portraits, more.
- sold
11.  photos Army Photo Album - Musician - Artillery
70 photos of a musician serving in an Artillery unit.
Nice cover with helmet & eagle, Good band photos, Hitler postcard portrait, parades, ceremonies, good artillery images, PKW cars, train transport, wrecks, Krads, musician swallow insignia, more.
12.  photos - GEBIRGSJAEGER Photo Grouping - Enzian Division - 4th Gebirgs Division - Good Front Content!
Large grouping of 293 photos of a man who served in the 4. Gebirgs Division - the Enzian Division. Many captioned on reverse, Comes with a divisional reunion postcard and an original wartime Edelweiss decal, Many excellent images of GJ insignia and gear in use in the field, KIA Russian troops, FEMALE RUSSIAN SOLDIERS, captured Russian artillery, graves in the field, field ambulances, salty Krad troops, halftracks, Christmas in the field, GJ mountain climbing, super image of GJ troops sitting on mountain with MP 40, Russian TANKS, captured Maxim MG, more.
- sold
13.  photos - Army Photo Album - Rhineland Occupation - Westwall
82 photos of a soldier serving during the reoccupation of the Rhinland and in Westwall fortifications. Funny photos showing clocks in their foxholes, medics, barracks, FGerman & French soldiers posing together, more.
14.  photos - Army Photo Grouping - 342 Infanterie Division
167 photos of a man who served in the 342 Inf Div., 342 Fusilier Btl. Many captioned on reverse. The 342 ID was known for having committed war crimes in Yugoslavia during operations to repress resistance and partisan activity. Many photos of the unit in harsh winter conditions, medals in wear, vehicles, winter camp uniforms, Russian river crossings, bicycle infantry, wrecks, troops interacting with Yugoslavian locals, identified personnel on reverse of photos, identified locations in Serbia, and more.
15.  photos -  Luftwaffe HELFERIN Photo Grouping + Kriegsmarine Husband
Nice grouping of a female Luftwaffe helferin (Maria KUHN) and also photos of her Kriegsmarine sailor husband (Theo NORBISRATH. She served in 10. Kompanie Luftgau-Nachrichten-Regiment Westfrankreich and was stationed in Paris. Nice wedding portrait of them, photos of her in uniform, several pieces of paperwork from her service as well as her husbands post-war Military Gov registration.
16.  photos -   Luftwaffe Kampfgeschwader 76, 138, 155 & JAGDGESCHWADER 2 Document Grouping
Grouping named to Oberfeldwebel Johann KONIETZKE. Extensive document grouping coiner his service with KG 76, KG 138, 155 and later as a FIGHTER PILOT with JG2. unfortunately most of the documents have been cut to remove any swastikas. The Spanish Cross document is who but was trimmed to fit in a frame. Comes with his Iron Cross First Class document with original signature 1 Fliegerkorps commander General Ulrich GRAUER (RK winner), Spanish Cross in Bronze with Swords, Bomber Flight Clasp in Bronze with orig sig KG76 commander, Four Year Long Service award Document with orig sig. Gneral Ludwig WOLFF (RK-KVK), 13 Maerz 1938 medal, Air Crew Badge award document, Feldwebel promotion document with orig sig KG 76 commander Oberst Paul Schultheiss, Oberfeldwebel promotion document with orig sig KG 76 commander Oberst Stefan Fröhlich (RK winner), 1 Oct 1938 medal. Also comes with his Rollschein & Miltaetbordmechanikerschein Ausweis, and more.
17.  photos -   LAPPLANDSCHILD Soldbuch, Wehrpass, Photo & Award Document Grouping - Gebirgsjaeger - 7 Gebirgs Division
Nice grouping to Gebirgsjaeger Georg HENKEL who served in the 7 Gebirgs Division. Comes with his Soldbuch, Wehrpass (with cover sleeve), award document for the Lapplandschild and KVK2 award document. KVK2 award document has original signature of 7 Feb Div commander Generalleutnant August Krakau (RK winner). Also comes with several good photos from the man’s service in Finland. Soldbuch & Wehrpass are complete with photo and all pages, Original issue. Awards listed include Lapplandschild, KVK2 and Fuhrergeschenks.Wehrpass lists many campaign entries in Finland.
- sold
18.  photos - Luftwaffe PILOT & Hitler Jugend Photo & Document Grouping - Kampfgeschwader 76 - KIA NAPLES ITALY
Grouping to a Ju 88 pilot Ludwig GUELLICH, serving in KG 76. Comes with document stating he was MIA on Nov 26, 1943 while on combat mission attacking NAPLES HARBOR piloting a JU 88 with JG 76. Comes with several good award documents from his hitler Jugend service, his original Luftwaffe PILOT’S BADGE award document, letter to his family from his Staffelkapitan, a nice grouping of photos and more! 
19.  photos -   Hitler Jugend TWINS Photo & Feldpost Grouping
Interesting album page showing two twins in HJ uniform. Super studio portraits. Also comes with two pieces of Feldpost from their Army service with Schnelle Abt. 517.
20.  photos  SA Letter - Sturm 6/Leibstadarte
With original signature Leader of Sturm 6/Leibstandarte.
$255 - sold
21.  photos - Original HITLER Letter
Original letter from Hitler on “Der Fuehrer & Reichskanzler” letterhead. Aug. 1935. Congratulating couple on their Diamond Anniversary.
$1205 - sold
22.  photos -   HIMMLER Document
Himmler Document, on heavy paper. Good for framing.
$45 - sold
23.  photos -  Army Photo Album & Award Document Grouping Infanterie Regiment 21 - 17 Inf Division
Grouping to Uffz. Friedrich SCHOEPPLER who served in 7./Inf Rat 21. Comes with his EK2 award document with original signature of 17 Inf Div commander General der Artillerie Herbert Loch (RK winner), Black Wound Badge award document, original printed Regimental Order congratulating men on France Campaign battles, 13 Maerz 1938 Medal, Cover of soldbuch with original photo of the man, and empty photo album named to him.
24.  photos -    Wartime BOOK - Mit Dem XIII Armekorps in Polen
Mint example with original distilled cover. Published 1940
25.  photos - POLIZEI Feldgendarmerie Photo & Award Document Grouping - Greece - Saloniki
146 photos of a Polizei & Feldgendarmerie man. Many photos from Greece and Saloniki in particular. Comes with his KUBANSCHILD Award document from his time serving in 2./Feldgendarmerie Abt 501 (mot.), BLACK WOUND BADGE Award Document with original signature of Battle commander. He was serving with Inf Rat 545 at the time. This unit was destroyed at STALINGRAD! Also comes with his death notice from 1946 - he was still serving in the Polizei at the time. Many photos showing him and comrades wearing FELDGENDARMERIE CUFFTITLES, photos in Berlin by the Brandenburg Gate, portraits, Waffen-SS graves, officers reviewing troops in the field, identified locations in Saloniki, Panzers, tropical uniforms, destruction, planes, POWs, Bunkers, more.   
- sold
26.  photos -  Family Third Reich Era Photo Album - Hitler Jugend, Army +
138 photos all from one family. Mix of private photos, Hitler jugend, Army, RAD, Luftwaffe, photos from France occupation, original insignia, photos from his Bundeswehr service, Feldpost, motorcycles, graves +
27.  photos  Luftwaffe FELD DIVISION KIA Photo Album & Award Document Grouping - Jaeger Regiment 50 (L) - ITALY
157 photos of a man who served in Jaeger Rgt 50 (L) of theLuftwaffe Feld Division 4. Named to Karl CZAKER - he was KIA on March 28, 1944 in Witebsk.   Comes with several original pieces of late war Feldpost, other documents and ID's of his, super original IRON CROSS FIRST CLASS Award document with original signature of GENERALLEUTNANT ROBERT PISTORIUS (rare signature - He was KIA June 27, 1944 - three months after he signed this document), IRON CROSS SECOND CLASS award document with original signature Oberst Hans-Georg Schreder, SILVER WOUND BADGE Award Document with orig sig Kompanie Chef, BLACK WOUND BADGE award document, his original funeral.death notice.  Photo album is well captioned - contains nice studio portraits, tropical uniforms, medals in wear, photos from identified locations in ITALY, GIGANT ME 323 airplanes in flight over Lecce Italy, interesting photo of models of Gigant planes, more. nice grouping!
- sold
28.  photos Army Photo Album, ID Disc, Wehrpass & Award Document Grouping - ZAHLMEISTER + POW CAMP - Artisitic!
267 photos and more to Zahlmeister Hans KUEFNER. Beautifully and artistically captioned. Covers his service from induction all the way through POW camp.  Comes with his original ID tag, WEHRPASS complete with photo and all pages - awardd, courses, units, campaigns, etc., original BIERZEITUNGEN, Urlaub passes, captured Russian currency, original KVK2 award document with original signature Commander Heeresgruppe Suedukraine JOHANNES FRIESSNER (RK+Oakleaves winner), original Ausweiss permitting him to wear Red Cross Armband & his original Red Cross Armband (!), military discharge, original programmes & menues he designed in HAMMELBURG POW CAMP, several original and rare Hammelburg Camp newspapers (!),  photos from the Maginot Line, training, bunkers, graves, vehicles, many identified locations in Russia, Hungary and the Balkans, original photos of King Michael visiting his unit, and more!
$650- sold
29.  photos -   Kriegsmarine U-BOOT OFFICER Photo Album & Award Document Grouping
137 photos of Lt. Olaf OLSON. Well captioned.  Collection of pass photos from 1939 to 1994, photos from his surface ship service stationed in NORWAY,  photos from Marineschule Kiel, many ship photos, photos of him stationed in HOLLAND, photos of him wearing EK2 on day of award, also photos of him wearing Monesweeper Badge & wound badge, recoving in hospital, photos from officer training course, photos of U-BOATS, several photos of him on the U-60, good portrait photos of him wearing medals, more. Also comes with his  Award document for BLACK WOUND BADGE for service with 15. VORPOSTENFLOTTILLE with original signature Flottillenchef Korvettenkapitän Kurt Berndt, IRON CROSS SECOND CLASS Award Document with original sig. Vizeadmiral Friedrich Ruge, MINESWEEPER BADGE Award Document with original signature commander Sicherungsdivision i.V., cover of his SOLDBUCH with original photo, Passport, POW documents, military discharge, very nice official summary of service from British Naval Headquarters, more.
$465- sold

30.  photos -  Kriegsmarine Photo Grouping - Heavy Cruiser PRINZ EUGEN
49 original wartime photos of a sailor who sevred on the schwere Kreuzer PRINZ EUGEN. Comes with his original Kriegsmarine cap tally, several postwar documents as well. Photos show captain wearing Knights Cross, good photos of the ship at sea, heavy guns firing, crew graves, crew at duty stations, ceremonies, funeral ceremonies, more.
31.  photos - Army Photo Grouping - France & Russia Campaigns - Winter Camo
200 photos all from the same man. Studio portraits, many good photos of winter camo uniforms in wear, bunkers, medals in wear, French colonial POWs, officers reviewing maps in the field, ski patrols, mounted troops, gas masks in wear, Russian POWs, more.
32.  photos - KNIGHTS CROSS Winner Photo Grouping
5 photos of a Knights Cross ceremony.
- sold
33.  photos -  Red Cross Nurse Photo Grouping
20 photos of a Red Cross sister. nice studio portraits.
$35- sold
34.  photos -  Female LUFTWAFFE HELFERIN Photo Grouping
45 photos of a woman who served as a Luftwaffe Helferin.
35.  photos -   Mixed Third Reich Photo Grouping - Army Officer & Female LW Helferin Wife
211 photos of an Army officer & his LW Helferin wife.  Many photos captioned on reverse. Many photos of her in uniform, also serving as Reichsbahn employee in uniform, female RAD photos, photos of the officer in uniform in field, Russian tanks, officers conferring in the field, vehicles, medals in wear, graves, winter camo uniforms in wear, motorcycles, more.
36.  photos -  Army & Luftwaffe Photo Album - Infanterie Regiment 75
130 photos of a man's service initially with Inf Rgt 75 through later service in the Luftwaffe. Well captioned. nice portraits, photos from his RAD service, photos from Nurnberg Rally, vehicles, ceremonies, Nachrichten trucks, MG positions, Ju 52 planes, Me 110 planes, Fw 200 Condor planes in flight, Panzers,destruction, more.
- sold
37.  photos -  Third Reich Era Photo Album - Army + Luftwaffe
221 photos from one family with content from WWII.  Also has an original Die Wehrmacht newspaper.  portraits, cavalry, Luftwaffe and Army photos (brothers of cousins),, medals in wear, tropical uniforms, some WWI Army portraits, more.
38.  photos -  Army Photo Album - Infanterie Regiment 20 - Poland 1939
82 photos of a man who served in inf Rgt 20. In a nice official unit album with eagle and unit name embossed on cover. Portraits, Medics, weapons, tanks, Hitler postcards, troops in full kit, destruction, Generals, Polish refugees, ceremonies, PAK cannons, bunkers, Hitler Jugend boys, Standarte, motorcycles, Reischswehr era hyper-inflation currency, more.
39.  photos - NSKK + Wehrpass Grouping
Interesting grouping to Dr. Hans Joachim LEICH.  Comes with his Wehrpass, several documents, and most interesting, an official letter from his NSKK commander informing him that he is being removed from the NSKK.
40.  photos - NAHKAMPFSPANGE in Silber Photo Grouping - Inf Rgt 423 - 212 Inf Division
85 photos of a Close Combat Clasp in silver Winner. He served in Inf Rgt 423 of the 212 Inf Division.  Many photos captioned on reverse - date through 1944. Contains several nice photos - including portraits - of him wearing the Nahkampfspange and other medals. he has a face that is easy to spot.  Good front photos, winter camo, him wearing medals in the field, destruction, motorcycles, MP 40, schwere Mortar positions, Russian tanks, more.
$275- sold
41photos  - FALLSCHIRMJAEGER Document & Photo Grouping
44 photos & Black Wound Badge Award Document to Werner LEHNERER. Awarded the wound Badge on April 21, 1945 ! Contains nice images of FJ helmets, jump smocks, FJ badges in wear, funerals, portrait of him wearing EK1 & FJ badge, etc.
42 photos - Luftwaffe + RAD Photo Album
174 photos.  Contains two original RAD uniform insignias.  Also letter congratulating him on his marriage, photos from his RAD ervice, nice photos of him wearing the insignia & helmet, then service in the Luftwaffe, Fieseler Storch, more.
43 photos - HITLER JUGEND Photo Album & DIARY - Nice!
Photo album containing 145 photos from a Hitler Jugend boy as well as his DIARY.  The album is well captioned throughout. Great images of HJ boys in uniform in the field, tents and camping, parades, banners and flags, ceremonies, mountain climbing, wearing hitler Jugend FUEHRER uniforms, skiing, photos from his attendance at 1934 NURNBERG Party Rally, original photo of Gauleiter Hans SCHEMM (scarce - he died in 1935), HJ bicycle trips, visiting warships with his unit, attending HJ FUEHRERSCHULE in Fordheim, photos of him and unit collecting for WHW, more!
- sold
44 photos - Army OFFICER Photo Album & Award Document Grouping - Grenadier Regiment 72 -  Nice!
131 photos in three albums as well as the man's award documents. Named to Lt. Herbert ARTES. He served in Grenadier Regiment 72 & Inf Rgt 95.   His face is easy to spot throughout the albums. Starts with his induction at Coburg in 1940, then stationed in Scheidam, HOLLAND,  then photos from his Russian Campaign service starting in 1941, photos of him wearing medals in the field, good portrait photos of him, photos from the Caucuses, troops in harsh Russian winter conditions,
Comes with his rare POSTHOUMOUS IRON CROSS FIRST CLASS award document with original signature of 257 ID commander General der Artillerie Anton Reichard Freiherr von Mauchenheim-von Bechtoldsheim, letter to his wife presenting her with his EK1 and award document after his death, SILVER WOUND BADGE award document, INFANTRY ASSAULT BADGE Award document with orig signature Regimental commander Generalmajor Ernst SCHNARRENBERGER DKiG (he was a famous AFRIKAKORPS commander, in charge of Fortress TUNIS at the capitulation), more!
45 photos  - PANZER Officer Photo & Diary Grouping - Long Barrel PANZER IV
40 photos and Diary from a Panzer officer.  Nice photos of him in Black Panzer uniform, very nice LONG BARREL PANER IV photos, he has identifed himself in several photos,  identified locations in Russia, officers conferring in the field, graves, vehicles, destruction. medals in wear, kncoked out french tanks, Panzer III stuck crossing bridge, several very good larger format combat photos - troops emerging from shell crater in street battle, KIA Russian troops,  more.
- sold
46photos - GEBIRGSJAEGER Photo Album - KIA - Gebirgs Pionier Batl 99
17 photos in a small album of a KIA Gebirgsjaeger funeral ceremony, portraits, nice FLAME THROWER photo, more.
$45- sold
47 photos - AFRKIAKORPS Photo Album + AFRIKA Cufftitle
165 photos of a man serving in the DAK.  Has an original Afrikakorps cufftitle on cover!  Also comes with a wallet and bookmark with DAK thems he brought back from Africa. Contails nice studio portraits. Album is very well captioned throughout.  Many identified locations throughout the album - TRIPOLIS, DERNA, MARSA MATUK, BENGASZI, TOBRUK, etc.  Italian soldiers, troop sinteracting with arabs, vehicles, also some photos from ITALY, motorcycles, tropical uniforms, field bivouacs, more!
- sold
48photos - BDM Photo Album
105 photos of a girl who served in the BDM - Bund Deutscher Mädel. Well captioned throughout.  BDM Sportfest in Rothenburg in 1934, school photos, hiking, ceremonies, marching, BDM sports, her and her BDM unit visiting German landmarks, attending a big rally in Dusseldorf with lots of banners and flags, more.
49photos - Female RAD Photo Album
178 photos of a girls service in the RAD. Has a nice RAD sleeve insignia on cover. Well captioned throughout. ceremonies, work service, flags, portraits, barracks, goofing off with her girlfriends, portraits of soldier family members,  girls in bathing suits, memorial page of KIA friends in the Army.
- sold
50 photos - Luftwaffe FLAK Photo Grouping
60 photos of a Luftwaffe FLAK unit. Photos of officer wearing KNIGHTS CROSS, Feldpost, portraits, inspecting crashed Allied plane they shot down with KIA crew,  8.8cm Flak with kill rings, heavy vehicles, more.


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51photos - Unteroffiziervorschule Photo Grouping
58 photos from a young man’s time in an Unteroffiziervorshule - a NCO trying program for young candidates. Good photos of the boys wearing special Unteroffiziervorschule uniforms and cufftitles, group photos, ceremonies, Generals and other high officers in attendance, high officer funeral, weapons training, more.
52photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album Grouping - Fernaufklarungsgruppe 123 - Original GOERING photos + RK Ceremony ORLOWSKY
61 photos as well as unit made documents from Fernaufklarungsgruppe 213. Several nice unit made documents printed on photo paper including the rare “Knullenkopfabzeichen” document, many photos of unit officers wearing medals, original photos of General KUHN and Oberstlt KOPPER, photos from PARIS, REIMS, FLEURY and other identified locations in France, vehicles, original photos of GOERING visiting the unit, also SPERRLE and MILCH, photos of Major DONAUBAUER departing the unit (he was KIA one month later, he writes), original photo SPERRLE awarding the owner of the album his KVK2, then photos from ITALY including San Remo, ORIGINAL photos of Major HELMUTH ORLOWSKY receiving the KNIGHTS CROSS in the field!!
$525 - sold
53photos - KNIGHTS CROSS WINNER Photo Grouping - Erwin PROESSL
52 original photos of RK winner Erwin PROESSL who won the RK on 29.2.44 while serving with Aufklarungs Gruppe 31. Good photos of him wearing KNIGHTS CROSS and other medals, photo of him on day of RK award, posing by his airplane, home on leave with his family, other officers wearing medals, more.
$325 - sold
54photos - Army Photo Album - Artillery Regiment 260 + 269
32 photos in a small album of a man who served in AR 260 & 269. Many hand-written captions. Westwall bunkers, trench positions on the Rhine, French bunkers seen through field periscope, officers, more.
55 photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - Airplanes + Original MOELDERS Photo
103 photos. Also comes with original funeral program of HANS BAUER, Hitler’s personal pilot with original signature of his widow. Nice portrait photos, SA parades, photos from RAD service, knocked out Russian TANKS, ceremonies in the field, captured French aircraft, crashed Soviet airplanes, KIA air crew, Ju 52 planes, Me 110, Me 109, Ju 87 Stukas, vehicles, medal ceremonies in the field, original photo of WERNER MOELDERS, more.
$165 - sold
56 photos - Army Photo Grouping - France Campaign - Cavalry
106 photos. Many cavalry and mounted troop photos, field kitchens, destruction in France, PANZERS, Heeres Flak halftracks, French refugees fleeing battle, funeral ceremonies in the field, artillery, unit photos, French tanks, vehicle columns, Maginot Line Bunkers, destroyed French towns, field Nachrichten equipment, more.
57 photos  - Army Photo Grouping - France Campaign
93 photos. Also comes with several of his original uniform name tags. Halftracks, officers, PANZERS, artillery, vehicles, destroyed French towns, gear images, winter camp uniforms, crashed airplanes, schwere PKW cars, crashed planes, captured French H-39 tanks, Motorcycles, field bivouacs, MG 08 crews under camp in field, more.
58 photos - German Red Cross NURSE Photo Album - VERDUN Lazarett
200 photos from a Red Cross NURSE. Good photos of her and comrades in uniform, treating wounded soldiers in hospital, many photos of Lazarett in VERDUN FRANCE, studio portraits, medals in wear, Panzer troop portrait, photos of the woman visiting the sights at Verdun, good photos of the Verdun Soldatenheim, girls in swimsuits, more.
59 photos - Army Photo Grouping
30 photos. studio portrait of the man, medals in wear, winter camp uniforms, MG 34 crews, home on leave, more.

photos -  Army Photo Grouping - France & Russia - Late War
110 photos. Good studio portraits, vehicles, graves, destruction, officers conferring in the field, troops in trenches in 1944, camp uniforms, medals in wear, Russian POWs, Russian quad Maxim MG’s, French POWs, KIA Russian soldiers, more.
60photos - Kriegsmarine Photo Grouping
Grouping of photos of a KM sailor. nice studio portraits of the man, many photos of him onboard ship at sea, more.
61photos - Female RAD Photo Grouping
23 photos of a woman’s RAD service. Attractive studio portrait of the woman, work service, barracks, more
$45 - sold
62photos  - STURMGESCHUTZ Photo Grouping - France & Russia
85 photos. Many captioned on reverse. Several good StuG photos, graves, vehicles, destroyed bridges, funerals, captured French weapons, motorcycles, PAK cannons, General RHEINHARDT, more.
63 photos - Kriegsmarine Photo Grouping
65 photos of a KM sailor. In original photo paper box. Many photos captioned on reverse side. Many good ship images, mines exploding at sea, Minesweeper and Destroyer Badges in wear, graves, identified photos of Artillery Schulschiif CARL ZEISS, more.
64photos - Female RAD Photo Album
50 photos in a small official female RAD album, portraits, work service, posing with comrades, barracks, more.|
$50 - sold
65 photos - Army Photo Grouping - France Campaign
115 photos of a soldier’s service during the France Campaign. Good studio portraits, Maginot Line bunkers, captured French weapons, KO Panzerspahwagens, destroyed towns and cities, medals in wear, photos from Berlin, vehicles, refugees, crashed Luftwaffe planes, more.
66photos - AFRIKAKORPS Photo Album & Cufftitle Grouping
110 photos from a DAK soldier. Has an original AFRIKAKORPS Cufftitle on the cover. MG 34, vehicles, desert bivouacs, Italian troops, many tropical uniform images, funerals, captured British vehicles, desert battle images, VW Kubelwagen, nice 8.8cm Flak in ground attack in desert, halftracks with DAK emblems, KO and burning British tank, more.
- sold
67photos  - Third Reich Era Family Photo Album - KVK2 Award Document.
63 photos from one family. Comes with KVK2 award document to Uffz Hermann SIMON awarded Jan 1944, many captions, photos of the father in POW camp. Very nice studio portraits, photos of one brother stationed in NORWAY, Kriegsmarine brother home on leave, one portrait of uncle in Waffen-SS uniform, more.
68 photos - Army Photo Album - Poland + France & Russia Campaigns - Nice!
72 photo. Starts with the man stationed in KNYSZYN, Poland in 1940. Mortar crews training, artillery, destroyed Polish towns, nice MG 34 foxhole/trench positions, then photos from the France Campaign - nice image of troops advancing across field, foxhole positions in French forest, French colonial wounded soldier being treated by German doctor, graves, knocked out French TANKS, French refugees, good images of Maginot Line bunkers, photos of officer wearing KNIGHTS CROSS, captured French aircraft, troops in PARIS, original photos of GENERAL MODEL in the field, Russian POWs, more.
$235- sold
69photos - Army Photo Album - Poland & France - Good COMBAT images
126 photos. Several studio portraits of the man, group/unit photos, weapons, POLISH POWS on march, infantry moving through Polish villages, graves, bicycle infantry, French civilians in forced labor, captured POLISH AIRPLANE, KIA horses from shelling, good salty infantry photos, artillery, MG 34 foxholes, medals ceremonies in the field, French POWS, crossing the French border, motorcycles, knocked out TANKS, destroyed French materiel, defensive positions on coast, vehicles, more.
70photos - Army Photo Album - SUPER COMBAT IMAGES!
195 photos. Filled with good front photos! mortar crews in action, troop movements, MG 34 positions in action, French soldier graves, MG 34 gear being carried, troops in PARIS, graves, KNIGHTS CROSS WINNERS, Russian POWs, Russian TANKS, Sturmgeschutze, bicycle infantry, many photos of KIA Russian soldiers, cavalry troops, medics treating comrades in the field, medal ceremonies in the field, vehicles, more. Nice album!
71photos - Army Photo Album - Brothers - Close Combat Clasp
68 photos of brothers in the Army. Graves, funerals in the field, destroyed towns and cities, nice photos of one brother (officer) wearing Close Combat Clasp, EK1 and other medals, studio portraits, more.
72photos - WWI Portrait Photo Grouping
Grouping of 42 Imperial German portraits. Many good ones! Pickelhaube, medics, group photos, CDV’s, more.
$85 - sold
73 photos - Third Reich Studio Portrait Grouping
Grouping of 25 studio portraits. Nice mixture - Army KM, LW, medals in wear, headgear, female, etc.
74 photos -  Female RAD Photo & Document Grouping
31 photos of a woman’s service in the RAD as well as her Landhelfer-Brief ID.
75 photos - Original German DEATH NOTICE Grouping - KIA STALINGRAD
14 pieces. one original KIA Stalingrad fighter!
$40 - sold
76photos -  Third Reich Pionier Enlisted Visor Cap - Schirmmuetze
Nice complete condition. Maker marked. visor needs a few stitches to resecure. Original Eagle and cockade. Brought back by Lt. Robert E. MARTENS of the 45th Infantry Division. Cheap!
77 photos - Luftwaffe FIGHTER PILOT Photo & Document Grouping - Me 109 + Me 262 Pilot!!
135 photos of a Luftwaffe fighter pilot Kurt FRIEBIS. 
original NSFK Dienst-Taschenbuch, a very nice large fold out Me 109 diagram/schematic! Comes with one training Flugbuch and the other, which is empty. A "collector" visited the veteran and ripped out his operational flights and stole many photos form him also. Comes with nice studio portrait s of the man, great ME 10 photos including one with bombs attached to undercarriage (rare view!), original photos of MOELDERS, great Me 109 tail photo with many kill emblems, the man and comrades in flight gear, nice Me 110 images with nose radar antennae, aircraft with unit emblems, great inside view of cockpit of his Me 109, original GOERING photo visiting the unit, Knights Cross Winners, original photo KESSELRING awarding medals in the field, photos of his training aircraft, He 111, Ju 88, and other aircraft, many original wartime negatives, and more. See below for article about him.
78. photos - Waffen-SS Photo Album - SS TOTENKOPF Division - Medic
106 photos all from the same Waffen-SS man who served in the TOTENKOPF Division as a medic. In original cardboard slipcase. Several portrait photos of the man, schwere MG 34, many good images of SS TK insignia, medals in wear, SS helmets and gear, barracks, attending Sanitats Schule PRAG, field kitchens, postcard from his time in American POW Camp in Fossenburg with signatures of his comrades.
80. photos - US WWII Officer's Photo Album - England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany
huge album with 369 photos. in a very nice full leather album. All from the same officer - CAPTAIN CHARLES E. LEHR (0-918860).  Comes with original copy of his discharge, Served in the 517th Port Battalion. Many photos are captioned on the reverse,  Good photos from his time stationed in England prior to D-Day, several large photos of Luftwaffe bomb damage in Plymouth, German POWs arriving in England, many photos from his time in ANTWERP, BELGIUM, photos from his time in Flushing HOLLAND, Canadian Graves in Holland, visiting PARIS, photos from the south of France - CANNES, etc, and more.
$275 - sold
81.  photos - US WWII 9th Air Force OFFICER'S Photo Album - CAPTURED LUFTWAFFE AIRCRAFT - Do 335 - TOP!
Appx 400 photos form the same LT. COLONEL Alan D. CATTERALL.  He served in the 32nd Service Group and later commanded the 492nd Air Service Group. It was responsible for decommissioning and destroyed captured Luftwaffe aircraft - ME 109, FW 190, HE 111, Me 110, SUPER RARE photo of a DO 335 and more!  Also original paperwork of his - orders, promotions, etc. nice Christmas Cards he sent home. GREAT images at end of the album of captured Luftwaffe aircraft including rare photo of Do 335, original photos from his time stationed in England prior to D-Day, many identified officers, map photo of crashed of V-1 rockets in Kent, photo of him receiving his INVASION CURRENCY prior to D-DAY, super photo of him landing on OMAHA BEACH, photo of his bivouac in ST MARIE DUMONT in NORMANDY, photos from Mont St Michel, destruction in ST LO, photos from BELGIUM 1944 (Battle of the Bulge), headquarters in DION LE VAL Belgium, CATTERALL awarding medals in HAMMERMILLE Belgium, tanks, original private photo of WINSTON CHURCHILL, destroyed German cities, Russian troops in CZECHOSLOVAKIA, Catterall in various captured German cars including a nice camo painted Mercedes, many Allied tanks on the Nurnberg Zeppelin field, photos he took at DACHAU CONCENTRATION CAMP, super photo of 8.8CM FLAK CANNON TRAIN WITH CAMO PAINT, captured underground Me 262  factory - WEINGUT I in Muehldorf, captured Luftwaffe RADAR train, German POWS in BAD AIBLING, good photos of him visiting the BERGHOF and other sights at BERCHTESGADEN, more! Top album!
$850 - sold
82. photos - US WWII 8th Air Force Pilot Grouping - 381st Bomb Group - Uniform, Medal, Squadron Patch ++
Very large grouping to Lt. James HARSHMAN pilot and co pilot of B-17 "Passaic Warrior" 534th bomb squadron of 381st bomb group of the 8th air force. Includes his great ORIGINAL WWII 534th SQUADRON PATCH, cased WWII AIR MEDAL, extra British made felt 8th air force and other aac patches, 1943 time/distance computer. Original war time unit-made "Confidential" marked summary of his 24 bombing missions. Numerous training books and histories with him in them. Paper copies of pictures of the crew and the plane. A WWII "Crusher" visor cap, his nice four-pocket uniform with pin back pilot wings on a blue "Lead Combat Crew" background with nice British Made 8th AF patch. Overseas hat with warrant officer rank, shirts, Original named stenciled duffle bag, original US Army marked bag and strap he used most likely for his oxygen mask, many named pilot training manuals and books, notebook with mini original documents and notes from flight school, copies of his air metal citations, DIARY with may entries,  copy photos of him, training flight log, more. A great grouping with a super rare original squadron patch.
83.  photos - US WWII AIR CORPS 20TH AIR FORCE Uniform, Document & MEDAL GROUPING - B-29 "Wide Spread Havoc"
Grouping to Sgt. Emil J. SUDAR who served as a B-29 Tail Gunner in the 19th bomb Group, 30th Bomb Squadron.  Their ship was B-29 "WIDE SPREAD HAVOC."  Comes with his Uniform jacket with 20th Air Force patch & Ribbon Bar, OFFICIALLY WARTIME GOVERNMENT ENGRAVED DFC Medal, Original wartime AIR MEDAL, several original photos of him posing in front of their B-29, complete hand written mission list and other pages with detailed mission notes he kept, original theater made 20th AF BULLION patch,  B-29 crew pin, extensive paperwork including his original Separation Qualification Record, Truman WWII certificate, Arnold Certificate of Appreciation for War Service, typed list of his crew, official record of training and combat flights (Individual Flight Records), many original orders and promotion documents, original Air Medal General Order citation, 50 cal. MG training book, original SPERRY TURRET Manual, and more!
84. photos - US WWII 8th Armored Division Uniform Grouping
Named grouping to Wilbert WEIGEL who serve din Co. B 58th Armored Infantry, 8th Armored Division. Comes with his Ike jacket with all original insignia including a great original THUNDERING HERD tab, uniform pants, piped garrison cap, GI guides and more.
85.  photos - US WWII INVASION Photo Packets - D-Day & Italy Invasion
Uncommon to find. originals!
86. photos -  US WWII Air Corps Bombardier Medal, Insignia & Photo Grouping - 454th Bomb Group
Grouping to 1st. Lt. Robert T. MYERS who served in  the 454th Bomb Group, 739th Bomb Squadron. Comes with his original BULLION 15th AF patch and BULLION Bombardier wings, very nice color 15th AF Certificate of Valor with original signatures of the 454th BG commander and 304th Bomb Wing commander, a very nice large portrait photo of him in uniform, a large amount of original paperwork including his official complete bomb mission list with many missions listed over Italy, Germany and Austria, welcome letter from commander 15th AF with original signature General Nathan TWINING, three original GO citations for AIR MEDALS and OLC's, original GO citation for DISTINGUISHED FLYING CROSS, Pilot dead reckoning NAVIGATOR qualification certificate with original TWINING signature, many original orders & promotions, original unit field made mission list for the 454 Bomb Group, official file listing all training and combat flight, and more.
87.  photos - WWII US NAVAL AVIATOR Medal, Document & Photo Grouping - USS SARATOGA
Named grouping to Radio Gunner Robert William WEBB who served in an attack bomber flying off the USS SARATOGA.  Comes with his original court mounted medals including officially engraved good conduct medal and AIR MEDAL, Nice large studio portrait of the man, original AIR MEDAL CITATION for operations against the Japanese on BOUGAINVILLE and the Gilbert Islands in 1943. Original signature Secretary of the Navy. Also comes with copy of his Air Medal recommendation card.
$350 - sold
88. photos -  US WWII P-51 FIGHTER PILOT Grouping - 353rd Fighter Group - Leroy PLETZ
Fantastic grouping to Leroy PLETZ who served as a P-51 Fighter Pilot with the 352nd Fighter Squadron, 353rd Fighter Group.  His P-51 was named "DONNA MITE" after his wife Donna.  Contains 56 original wartime photos - most captioned in his own hand on reverse SUPER photos of PLETZ and other pilots of the 352rd, photos of base life, SUPER photos of his P-51 "DONNA MITE" and other aircraft, photos of his barracks, photos of Pletz posing with ground crew, on leave in LONDON, SUPER photos of him posing in his PAINTED A-2, photos of squadron taking off with drop tanks, and more!
Also comes with HIS ORIGINAL GO Citations for AIR MEDAL & OAK LEAF CLUSTERS (!), original DOG TAG, two pieces of sweetheart jewelry from Donna, 8th AF "Greetings from England," 353rd unit history book from 1968, his wartime officer's shirt with original British made 8th AF patch and Pilots Wings, and a large amount of original paperwork!
- sold

photos -   US WWII P-51 FIGHTER PILOT Grouping - 353rd Fighter Group - Don SCHOEN
Fantastic grouping to Don SCHOEN who served as a P-51 Fighter Pilot with the 352nd Fighter Squadron, 353rd Fighter Group.  His P-51 was named "THE LITTLE WITCH."  118 original wartime photos!   Most photos are captioned in his own hand on reverse.  Many SUPER photos of his P-51 "THE LITTLE WITCH" portraits of him, posing with buddies, medals in wear, flight gear, photos of barracks, P-51s with drop tanks, photos of Schoen wearing A-2 jacket with squadron patch, photo of Schoen receiving AIR MEDAL on base, photos of Schoen & Pletz posing, captured JU 88 with British markings,  base theater "The Thunderbolt Theater,"  and more!
$750 - sold
90. photos - WWI Army Grouping - 27th Division
Studio portrait of the man, original Croix de Guerre Ribbon, and Official Commendation booklet of the 17th Division.
91. photos -  British ROYAL NAVY Photo Album - AFRICA, Italy - TOBRUK
132 photos of a sailot in the british Royal Navy. Appears he served on LCT 108.  Content from Italy and Africa. many identified loactions - TOBRUK, Tripoli, etc. life on bard ship, ship mascots. photos from BEIRUT, German shells exploding in TOBRUK harbor, Bitish 8th Army tanks, knocked out German PANZERS in the desert, crashed Ju 87 STUKAS, graves, captured German guns, captured Luftwaffe aircraft, British tanks, motorcycles, more.

94. photos -  British WWII Photo Album - 8th ARMY - North Africa
80 photos of a soldier who served in the British 8th Army. Appears he was a unit Quartermaster given the captioning. You can spot him easily throughout the album. Many images of British operations in Libya with identified locations - TOBRUK, TUNIS, EL ALAMEIN, SOLLUM, BENGAHZI, TRIPOLI, DERNA, etc. Well captioned - many humorous. many vehicles, unit graves, , Anti-tank cannons in action, desert signposts, many British vehicle images, unit photos, more.
95. photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - France Campaign - BRITTANY
181 photos. Well captioned throughout. Many photos from the unit’s time stationed in BRITTANY. Good 8.8cm Flak cannon images, crashed Me 110 airplane, French POWs and destroyed French towns, photos from COMPIEGNE, Belgian Artillery BUNKER disguised as a house, German PANZERS with nice turret numbers, French TANKS, mascots, LKW trucks, photos from ST SERVAN, photos from PARIS, CESOUN, ST BRIEUX, MORLAIX, BREST, PON DE BUI, LE HAVRE, and more!
96. photos - Army Photo Album - France Campaign - FRANCE & BELGIUM
261 photos. Many photos are captioned on the reverse. In a nice album with metal helmet on cover. Weapons photos, MG 34, troops on march in France, identified locations in France & Belgium, PAK cannons & crew under cover in position in field, crashed French planes, French BUNKERS, captured french tanks, crossing MARNE river, photos from CHALONS SUR MARNE, French roadblocks broken through, captured French vehicles, more.
101b. photos -  US WWI 1st DIVISION Photo Album, Document & Painted Helmet Grouping - Nice!
Very nice grouping of Tony GINN  who served in the 26th Inf Rgt, Co. D, of the BIG RED ONE - 1st Inf Division.  A little research I did showed he was born in Austria and not granted American citizenship until after WWI. One the reverse of a portrait photo of him it states that he was WIA and received the Silver Star. Comes with his original wartime painted helmet, complete with liner and chin strap, two Bridgehead Sentinel 1st Division News letters, German book he brought back from the war, original rare booklet -  Bridgehead Sentinel: A Souvenir of the Coblemz Bridgehead Occupied By the First Division, Nice 1st Div postcard, ID's, more.  Photo Album is a nice period leather type. 67 photos. Great photos of German and Allied airplanes, KIA soldiers, trenches, weapons, identified French towns, nice large 1st Division unit photos, artillery, aerial recon photos, German POWs, captured German super heavy artillery,  great photo of a captured British WHIPPET Tank with GERMAN Balkankreuz emblem!!, more.
108. photos - Vietnam 101st AIRBORNE GENERAL's Photo Album Grouping - TOP!
Amazing two photo album grouping which belonged to Major general Willard PEARSON, commander of the 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne.  He led  the first 101st AB unit  into Vietnam in 1965!  Fantastic early content. One album is a field made, hand carved album with beautiful painted 101st AB insignia and engraved plaque dedicated to Pearson.  The two albums contain hundreds of amazing photos, almost all with detailed captions!  You can fund MUCH info about Pearson on the interenet. below are a few links to videos of him in the field, books, detailed info, etc.  The content is outstanding. Several color photos, as well. Original signed and dedicated photo of PM of S. Vietnam made out to Pearson. Super images of Pearson in unfiorm in the field, 101st insignia, 101st troops in full kit in the field, helicopters with insignias, other identified officers, shells exploding in the field, troops in foxholes, patrols in the bush, medal ward ceremonies officiated by Pearson, captured enemy weapons including an MG 34,  Pearson leading named operations in the field - HAWTHORNE, SEWARD, PICKETT and more, Pearson being awarded medals by S. Vietnam Prime minister, photos of General Westmoreland, aircraft, photos of Martha Raye visiting the unit, service dogs, wounded loaded on to Hueys, troops on search and destroy missions, more. Historically important material.
109. photos - WWI US Navy SUBMARINER Uniform & Photo Album Grouping - Captured German UC-97 Crew Member!
Very rare grouping to MM2/c Robert Joseph MANGIN.  He served in WWI with the submarine tenders USS Fulton and USS Bushnell.  Most interestingly, he served as a crew member of the captured German U-Boat UC97 during its Great Lakes  Liberty Bond Tour.   Also comes with his certificate of service in WWI, and citations for the Victory medal, button and clasp. Comes with two extremely rare booklets - From the War Zone to Chicago on a U-Boat and Ten Thousand Miles on a German Submarine. These may be the only two known copies as none are on the used book market.  Also comes with his Navy Unifom - period named to him on interior of pants and tunic. Last, his personal photo album from his time serving on the U-97. Contains 96 photos, almost all from his service on the submarine!  He is easy to identify throughout the album, many personal photos of the U-boat, great interior shots, crew posing on deck, other captured German u-boats, studio portrait of Mangin, in various ports of call and more. Historically important grouping!
111. photos - WWII US Navy Photo Album, Uniform & Document Grouping - LST 1032 - IWO JIMA & OKINAWA LANDINGS
Large grouping to Lt.Jg. Gerald P. RITZEMA.  He served as gunnery officer on LST 915 & 1032. Comes with his visor cap, original shoulder boards, garrison cap, folder of original orders and other paperwork, box of original buttons, news paper clippings about his service, graduation certificats and invitations, military discharge, promotion documents, original graduation books and more.  The photo album is large and contains many great images. Photos of Ritzema and other crew members on board at sea, posing with Japanese souvineers, photos of LST 1032 with victory emblems on tower of ship, Japanese aircraft, B-29, and more. Also comes with a great ORIGINAL history of LST 1032 inlcuding participation in initial landings on IWO JIMA as well as OKINAWA!
115. photos - WWII Division Campaign Maps - 3x 36th Division - 1x 80th Division
Four original WWII campaign maps. three form the 36th division and one from the 80th Division. Cheap!
118. photos - Waffen-SS FEMALE HELFERIN Award Document Grouping - RARE!
Very rare ORIGINAL female Waffen-SS Helferin grouping!  Named to SS-Helferin Hildegard SCHNUERCH.  Comes with her large format KVK2 award document, NS-Frauenschaft document and an original photo of her and comrade in SS Helferin uniform!
121. photos - Lufwaffe AWARD DOCUMENT Grouping - Kampfgeschwader 55
Two document grouping to Oberfeldwebel Franz REINALTER who served in KG 55.  Comes with his Kampfliger Flight Clasp in Silver award doc with original signature PFLUGBEIL (RK+Oakleaves) and award document for Flight Clasp in GOLD + 200 CLASP !!  With original signature KG 55 commander Oberstlt. ANTRUP (RK+Oakleaves).
123. photos - POLIZEI Kameradenschaft Mitgleidsbuch
Original  Mitgliedsbuch des Kameradschaftsbundes Deutscher Polizeibeamten, 1938 - Police veterans organization membership ID. From Berlin unit.
124. photos - POLIZEI SOLDBUCH
Original SOLDBUCH named to Wachmeister Friedrich RISACK. All pages complete.  Has a very nice uniform photo. Served in Grafschaft-Hoya, Germany
128. photos - 3x Third Reich Mothers Crosses
three original wartime Mother's Crosses.
130. photos - Waffen-SS Photo Album - 32. SS-FREIWILLIGEN-GRENADIER-DIVISION 30 JANUAR - Late War Panzervernichtungs Training
114 photos.  All from man who, by the end of the war, was serving in the rare unit -  32. SS-FREIWILLIGEN-GRENADIER-DIVISION 30 JANUAR.  Named to Rottenfuehrer Kurt GUTSCHE. He was an older soldier (39 at time of his death in 1945), probably serving earlier in the war in behind the line duties but throuwn into action at the end.  It is also likely that he served previously with SS Kampfgruppe SCHILL, which was later absorbed in the Division and earlier shared the same Feldpost Nummer. Comes with document from 1945 showing that he was KIA with this unit (Feldpost Nummer 26667) listing all of his personal effects.  Super album with SS runes embossed on cover. Nice 9x13cm studio portraits. Starts with a couple of early SS photos from Dusseldorf and then many VERY good photos of him attending a late war (1944-45) PANZER VERNICHTUNGS Training - single hand tank destruction course!  Many of these photos are captioned on the reverse.  Good photos of LAH cufftitles in wear, medals in wear, SS camo smocks, SS MG training, SS Tank destruction training, photos of officer in HJ leader uniform wearing KNIGHTS CROSS & Oakleaves, SS service dogs, SS Spiess, then field service against the Russians, KO T-34 tanks, SS FLAK Halftrack units, vehicles, troops in late war Hungary, KIA Russians, field bivouacs, wedding photos of SS comrade, SS artillery, Russian planes, lots of photos of destruction & devestation, graves, and more!
132. photos - US WWII Official Air Corps Photo Grouping
Nice grouping of 48 photos. All original wartime prints. Come with an index, as well. Good photos of bomb runs, planes breaking up in flight, returning with much damage, B-17, B-24, B-29, P-38, Flak bursts, Luftwaffe Gigant, contrains, more.
134. photos - WWII British Victory Student Certificate from King George
Wartime original. Great piece to frame!
135. photos - WWII British Woman's Agricultural Award Certificate
Wartime original. Great piece to frame!
136. photos - US WWII 15th Air Force Operations Summary Booklet
Wartime original
137. photos - German WWII BDM, HJ & Red Cross Photo grouping
Nice grouping with several 9x13cm studio portraits.
$75 - sold

140. photos - US WWII PURPLE HEART Certificate KIA Grouping - B-24 Air Crew - 90th Bomb Group "Jolly Rogers" - "LITTLE EVA" _ historically Important
Grouping to Sgt. James B. HILTON who was KIA on Dec 1, 1942.The aircraft, part of the 321st Squadron, 90th Bombardment Group based at Iron Range was returning with four other B-24s from a bombing raid on a Japanese troop convoy about 80 km north of Buna, Papua New Guinea. "Little Eva" lost touch with the other aircraft and returned to the base on its own. A severe thunderstorm disabled the radio, causing the flight to lose its way and run out of fuel. Lieutenant Norman Crosson, the pilot, gave orders to bail out. Most of the crew members parachuted to safety, however one was killed when his parachute snagged on the aircraft and another who did not jump was killed when the plane crashed at about 2:45am near the Burriejella waterhole. Their Plane was B-24 41-23762 "Little Eva." Comes with his formal official PH certificate, personal letter from Secretary of War Henry Stinson (original SIgnature), letters regarding his death form commanding officers, diplomas, copy of headstone application (showing he served with 90th Bomb Group). Details of the crash and the discovery of the crash site is detailed in the book: Savage Wilderness: The Epic Search For The Crew of Little Eva. Also details in: The Search That Never Was: The Untold Truth About The 1948-49 Search For Americal Personnel Missing In Action In The South Pacific.  I have made copies for the buyer of the group. GROUPING ALSO COMES WITH ORIGINAL COPY OF THE BOOK LITTLE EVA: THE ULTIMATE WWII SURVIVOR STORY.