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German, American, British ++



US WWII Photographer Grouping - COLOR PRINTS - North Africa, Italy, Austria - TIGER, PANTHER, ++

Amazing grouping of 289 original 8x10 photos from 1st Lt. Robert CAREK who served as an Ordnance Officer in WWII. Great content from North Africa, Italy & Austria. Contains 41 COLOR PRINTS including super images of knocked out TIGER & Panther Tanks, Panzer IV, Panzerjaeger tanks, 8.8cm Flak, photos from MONTE CASSINO, other captured German equipment and vehicles, German POWs, Luftwaffe aircraft, knocked out US tanks after battle, aircraft Nose Art, Luftwaffe plane graveyards, Panther turrets used as Pillboxes, battlefields in North Africa and Italy, troops posing with weapons, British vehicles and much more. The back of almost every photo has extremely detailed captions. One of the best US photo groupings we have ever offered.


AMAZING Three Photo Album & Document Grouping - SUBMARINE - USS Redfish - AMAZING
680 photos! AMAZING grouping to Ben F. MOELLER who served on the famous submarine USS REDFISH. Also appears he previously served on the USS PIKE. Among the REDFISH's other victories, it is famous for having singlehandedly sunk the Japanese AIRCRAFT CARRIER UNRYU and heavily damaging the carrier JUNYO, putting it out of commission for the remainder of the war!  Comes with many super documents including his Navy ID card, original newspaper clippings about the Redfish, original Submarine Combat Insignia Card, Original COMMENDATION signed by NIMITZ (!), Original PUC Ribbon citation by FORRESTAL, PUC Citation from Cawford, Ship made holiday cards when at sea, ship's roster, ship history, and more. Super photos taken from onboard the REDFISH, many great photos of the crew posing with their victory pennant after returning from sinking the UNRYU, many photos of the REDFISH with tower emblems, Redfish at sea on patrol, other Submarines in harbor, torpedoes being loaded, large photo of Moeller receiving the Commendation Ribbon Award from admiral, very nice portrait photos of Moeller, and more!

WWII P-51 Fighter PILOT - KIA Medal & Uniform Grouping - 325th Fighter Group

Grouping to Lt. Lyle E. INKS (o-722092). He served in the 325th Fighter Group, 318th Fighter Squadron flying P-51 Mustangs. He was KIA on March 23, 1945 flying P-51 44-63484.  Comes with his officially wartime government engraved PURPLE HEART & AIR MEDAL in original cases.  Also insert cards from sec. Army. Also comes with Air Medal citation, PUC ribbon with OLC, original bag of goggle lenses in bag with his name stamped on it, two binders with original letters to and from his mother and officials, photo copies of reports (MACR) from pilots in unit flying with him on day of his death, original photos, newspaper clippings, two flight class yearbooks, more.

Waffen-SS Photo Album, WEHRPASS & Documents - 16th SS Panzergrenadier Division "Reichsführer-SS" - RARE!

Amazing grouping to man who served in SS Artillerie Rgt 16 of 16th SS Panzergrenadier Division Reichsführer-SS! A rare unit to find material from since it was formed so late in the war. Contains appx 100 photos including many photos where the man can clearly be seen - matching his other ID photos in the grouping. great photos of him waring Reichsfuhrer SS cufftitles!! great SS came uniforms in wear, combat, MANY RARE photos form the unit’s time fighting in Northern ITALY after May 1944! Also photos from his time with the unit after its transfer to HUNGARY in Feb 1945. Also comes with his original WEHRPASS, Military discharge (matching units with Wehrpass), and other documents! Rare grouping!

SOLDBUCH - HONOR ROLL CLASP WINNER - 544 Volksgrenadier Division - RARE!

Very rare SOLDBUCH to a Honor Roll Clasp recipient. Rarer than the Knights Cross. Oberleutnant FRANZ MEYER. He was awarded the Ehrenblattspange on Sept. 25, 1944 while serving with 1./Gren Rgt 1082 of the 544 Volksgrenadier Division. Zweitschrift in 1944. Honor Clasp entry is original. Very nice original uniform photo. all pages present. Served in Grenadier Regiment 1096, Fuehrer Reserve OKH Ost, Gren Rgt 109 and Gren Rgt 1082. Award entries include Sudetenland Medal, EK2, Infantry Assault Badge in Silver, Ostmedaille, EK1, Wound Badge in Silver and on Dec 19, 1944 the HONOR ROLL CLASP (“Ehrenblatt des Deutsche Heeres mit Verleihung der Ehrernblattspange”.) Entry made while he was in hospital in Leipzig recovering from bullet wounds. All pages present.


109 photos of a man who’s served in the Fuehrerhauptquartier (Hitler’s personal staff/headquarters). Very rare album with the unit name embossed on cover. Contains apps. NINETEEN original private photos of HITLER! Starts with the man’s service as Wachbatallion Berlin service. Nice larger photos. then great photos of Hitler , Worthy and Ribbentrop, other high ranking officials including KEITEL, General Franco meeting with Hitler, original photos of the Reichs Chancellery, photos of Danzig welcoming Hitler visit, MUSSOLINI visiting Hitler, Feldpost box with FHQ Feldpost number, Hitler visiting warships, many photos of the Fuhrer Train, photos from SOPOT Poland, and more. Rare Album!
$1650 - sold

Luftwaffe Officer 3x Photo Album. Diary & Award Document Grouping - Nice!
Huge grouping to Oberlt. Technical inspector Willi Krumnow (Technischen Oberinspektor der Luftwaffe).  Diary/photo album of 3. (Pr.) Nachr. Abt. Potsdam-Nedlitz, Comes with three photo albums containing 460 photos, very well captioned - some pages read like a diary. Original photos of GOERING, SPERRLE, Knights Cross Winners, knocked Russian T-34 tanks, conferring with high ranking foreign officers in the field, many very nice portrait photos from his Reichswehr and WWII service, aircraft, Flak cannons, and more. Also comes with a nice grouping of his award documents including:  Crusade Against Communism doc with 'Bug" Clasp, Ostmedaille with original signature Abt. commander, Iron Cross Second Class with original sig. General LOEHR (RK+Oakleaves), KVK2 with orig. signature Gen Dr. Eugen Weissmann, Sudetenland Medal, promotion documents with high ranking officer signatures, and more.
Waffen-SS Photo Album & Document Grouping - 9. SS Panzer Division "HOHENSTAUFEN" - NORMANDY, HOLLAND - TOP RARE!

Amazing grouping to a man who served in the SS Panzer Division Hohenstaufen.  Album contains 173 photos, all from his SS Service. He was an original cadre member of Hohenstaufen - one of the most desirable and sought after units to find material from! Almost every photo is captioned on the reverse side with dates and locations. You can see the man's face easily throughout. The album perfectly chronicles the history of SS-Hohenstaufen from formation in France in 1943 through Einsatz in Tarnapol in 1944, return to Normandy June 1944 after D-Day, fighting in Normandy (Caen, Argentan, Epernay, etc.), retreat out of the Falaise Pocket through Belgium and into Holland (Arnhem), fighting in Hungary in 1945 right up until war's end with photos of him in POW camp! Fantastic content showing SS camo in wear, fighting in Normandy, super photo of a JAGDPANTHER in action (!!), top photo of a knocked  out PANTHER  in EPERNAY in July 1944, SS troops taking shelter under vehicles from American JABOs, Also comes with a LARGE folder of original documents including a few cover and photo page of his Soldbuch (photo stamped Hohenstaufen), many orders and documents related to his being called up to the SS, SS-Hohenstaufen documents including proportions, origin propaganda leaflets, SS Fuhrerschein, SS Feldpost, Nord and Hohenstaufen cufftitles (reproductions, I think) and much more. So many super rare photos! It looks like the man was a Waffenmeister which, I presume,  enabled him to have the opportunity to store his camera and film throughout all their movements.
4200 Euro - sold
KNIGHTS CROSS Winner Photo Album - Karl HOEHLE - 22 Inf Division + Cdr. III./Gren Rgt 378 - KRETA, AFRIKA

Photo album of RK winner Major Karl HOEHLE who won the Knights Cross on March 11, 1945 (!) and the German Cross in Gold on June 11, 1942.  He was serving as commander III./Gren Rgt 378 of the 169 Inf Division at the time he was awarded the RK. He previously served in the 22 Infantry Division during the France, Balkan, Greece Campaigns including KRETA and AFRIKAKORPS!  The album contains 166 photos (plus more personal photos from before and after the war).  also comes with a typed summary of service he did in 1963.  Contains nice photos from his time on KRETA as well as in NORTH AFRIKA! contains five super studio portraits of him from recruit to Leutnant in 1940. Good photos from the France Campaign of 1940 - KO French tanks, motorcycles, vehicle columns, troops in destroyed French towns, parade in Reims, then photos from the Balkans, Panzer III with 9 Panzer Division emblem, then Metaxis line battles in Greece, then Kreta and finally Tunis in north Afrika. He then states that the rest of his photos were destroyed in a bombing raid in Lepzig. Then postwar reunion photos, Bundeswehr maneuvers and portrait of him wearing his medals.
750 Euro - $850

Very nice grouping to Feldwebem Guenther IKEN who served in Jaeger Rgt 9  (L) of the 5. Luftwaffe Feld Division (L). Scarce meterial.  It fought in the KRIM, KUBAN, BLACK SEA, and ODESSA.  Comes with his original award documents for the KUBANSCHILD awarded Oct 1, 1944, IRON CROSS 2nd CLASS awarded July 1943 with original signature Div Kdr Oberst Hans-Bruno Schulze-Heyn, WOUND BADGE in BLACK awarded May 1943, original promotion document to Feldwebel, a Bierzeitungen and more.  Also comes with 75 nice photos - tropical uniforms in wear, STURMGESCHUTZ III in the field, many photos of Soviet AIRPLANES, Fieseler STORCH airplane in the field, and more.
$735  reduced to $500 - below our cost!
USAAF Medal, Squadron Patch, DIARY & Document Grouping - CATERPILLAR CLUB - Top!

Super grouping to S/Sgt. Herbert N. ABBOTT who flew the 825th Bomb squadron, 484th Bomb group. Was part of the James CHAFIN crew.   Comes with his Purple Heart & Air Medals in original cases, original discharge, his silk escape and evasion map, large framed portrait photo, official wartime transcript of his combat missions, original discharge, original wartime photo of his B-24 in flight (8x10in), ORIGINAL WARTIME DISNEY Italian made Squadron Patch (824th) - very RARE example, impossible to find, super Italian made Ribbon Bar, Italian made Purple Heart Ribbon, Air crew wings, extra patches and rank chevrons. Comes with his ORIGINAL WARTIME Caterpillar Club certificate (not post war reissue).   Also comes with his DIARY - which is incredible! Starts with his trip "over the pond," following with very detailed entries about all of his missions including Oct 14, 1944 when, on mission to Blechhammer Germany, they had to bail out due to two engines catching on fire. Very detailed account of this and event... and rest of his missions!  Super group.


AMAZING grouping to an officer who was awarded the DKiG as well as the Nahkampfspange in SILVER! Comes with his original German Cross in Gold award document awarded November 14, 1944 while serving in the Stab Gren Rgt 697 of the 342 Inf Division!! (The 342 ID was know for its brutal operations in Yugoslavia against partisans as well as Russian Front operations through the end of the war). CLOSE COMBAT CLASP IN SILVER awarded Sept 7, 1944 with original signature Regimental commander. Iron Cross First Class awarded Aug 23, 1943 with original signature Division General and commander Albrecht BAIER, Close Combat Clasp in Bronze awarded Jan 5, 1944 with orig signature Rgt cdr., Wound Badge in SILVER awarded Sept 13, 1943, Iron Cross Second Class awarded May 20, 1940 while serving in Inf Rgt 212 early during the France Campaign, Wound Badge in Black awarded July 26, 1940, Infantry Assault Badge awarded Feb 11, 1944 with original sig. Rgt Cdr. Also comes with a large grouping of additional documents!   Also comes with his Bundeswehr ID tag and Wehrpass. Photo Album contains 166 very good photos. Well captioned throughout.  Contains SUPER studio portrait of the man, showing his wearing DKIG and CLOSE COMBAT CLASP in Silver!  Good photos from his time in France - many identified locations, photos of his EK2 award ceremony on May 20, 1940, hospital recovery, division General WANGER, captured French B-1 tanks, nice photos of General NICKEL (RK + EL winner) and commander 342 Inf Division, great photo of the man on the day of his DKiG award!!  Great grouping!
$2850- sold


FALLSCHIRMJAEGER Photo Album, Wehrpass & Document Grouping - STURM REGIMENT + s.Fallschirmwerfer Abt. 21

Extensive grouping of a FJ who served in 6./FJR5, Sturm Regiment, 14./Fallschirm Art Rgt 1 and finally . Comes with his original wartime funeral sashes - one from comrades of 1./schwere Fallschirmwerfer Abt.21. Comes with his original award document for the FALLCHIRMJAEGER BADGE (March 1941), several Hitler Jugend IDs, document stating he was killed on Sept 9, 1944 from an allied air raid on Dusseldorf, condolence letters, funeral programs, a wallet that he kept foreign currency, photos and notes in. Also comes with his WEHRPASS listing all units, awards, campaigns, etc. Comes with two photo albums with 252 photos.Many photos captioned on reverse. Great photos of the man (easily recognizable throughout) and comrades in FJ helmets, FJ smocks, great photos of FJ jumps in action, GLIDERS, RK celebration dinner for Oberlt., three nice studio portraits of the man wearing medals, great photos of gliders in flight, FJ’s towing weapon and gear after landing, posing by crashed glider on KRETA, wounded FJ in JU 52 flight from Kreta, foxhole positions, crashed planes, field camps in France, MG 34 positions in the field, and more!
$1980 - sold

PANZER Award Document & Panzer Badge Grouping - PANZER LEHR REGIMENT 901 - NORMANDY!!

Rare grouping to Erwin GRUETERICH who served in 7,/Panzer Grenadier Lehr Rgt 901. Comes with hisPanzer Assault Badge in Bronze award document with original signature Rgt Cdr. and later division cdr. Paul Freiherr von HAUSER (RK+EL),awarded JULY 7, 1944 - The division was fighting around ST LO, NORMANDY at this time, Iron Cross Second Class awarded JULY 8, 1944 with original signature division cdr. Fritz BAYERLEIN (RK+swords!) also for actions around ST LO, NORMANDY. Also comes with his original PANZER ASSAULT BADGE IN BRONZE on which he has scratched his initials on reverse, and his Wehrmachts Driver’s License issued July 20, 1944 (with photo) from PANZER GREN. LEHR RGT 901. Super grouping for the Normandy related collector.
WEHRPASS - Inf Rgt 217, Inf Rgt 688, Grenadier Regiment 1049 - NORMANDY D-DAY - ST. MALO !!

Wehrpass to man who served in Inf Rgt 217, IR 688 and, from July 1944 onwards, grenadier Rgt 1049.  Awarded the Black Wound Badge in Nov 1943,  Campaign entries for the POLAND Campaign including attack on Lemberg then France Campaign 1940, with Inf Rgt 688 he was stationed in Brittany unit the outbreak of the Campaign against Russia at which time he was sent to the Eastern Front.  In 1944 he was transferred to Gren Rgt 1049 which was part of the 77 Inf Division stationed in NORMANDY at the time of D-DAY!  He was with the unit throughout the Normandy Campaign initially facing the US 4th ID on UTAH BEACH until it was destroyed in ST MALO in September, 1944. Qualifications on the MG 34, Mortars and PAK 40.
WEHRPASS - Inf Rgt 322, Reiterabt, 285, Ost Batl 633 - ANTI-PARTISAN + BRITTANY + BREST

Original Wehrpass to man who served in  Inf Rgt 322, Reiterabt, 285, and Ost Batl 633. Last promotion was to OBERWACHTMEISTER, Awards include Ostmedaille and Iron Cross Second Class and the OSTVOLK Medaille 2. Klasse in Silver. Saw action in the Poland Campaign 1939, France Campaign 1940 and then BANDENKAMPF actions in the East in 1942 with Reiter Abt. 285. He then fought the ALLIES in BRITTANY with Ost Batl 633 (Festungs Gren Rgt 852) of the 343 Inf Div. until the unit's destruction in BREST in September 1944.

WAFFEN-SS SOLDBUCH & Document Group - SS Hauptsurmfuehrer - 17th SS Panzergrenadier Division Götz von Berlichingen - NORMANDY!

SB and documents to SS-Haupsturmfuehrer - Zahnartz Dr. Georg HEYDRICH. Has a beautiful uniform photo of the man in SS uniform wearing SS-Obersturmfuehrer shoulder boards with Sanitats ciphers. This is his original issue Soldbuch, issued Nov 23, 1939 with San. Ers. Batl. SS V.T. His first field unit was SS Gebirgs Nachrichten Abt. “Nord.” He was then assigned to the Sanitats Abteilung of 17th SS Panzergrenadier Division Götz von Berlichingen. The Soldbuch is filled with entries, SS officer signatures and SS unit stamps. He was awarded the KVK2 on July 15, 1944 while serving in SS Sa. Abt. 17 of SS-Götz von Berlichingen. The division was, of course, engaged in heavy combat in NORMANDY at this time! Also comes with an assortment of other documents including his original military discharge, his original Oilskin Personalausweiss from the DRK, several documents pertaining to his time as POW, interesting document from college attesting to his knowledge of the man as the Batl/ Zahnartz in 5. SS Inf Rgt 5 and, while stationed in Plock, Poland, the unit did not “Judenerschiessungen” [shoot Jews], personal typed history he compiled, and many more.
- sold

Waffen-SS Wehrpass and  Personnel File - 12. SS Panzer Division "Hitler Jugend" - Normandy - Wounded Aug. 1944

Very nice grouping to SS-Sturmmann Alois ULBRICH.  He served in the 12. SS-Pz Div Hitler Jugend  (7./ Panzer Art. Rgt 12) and fought in Normandy during and after D-Day.  Comes with his ORIGINAL wartime Wehrpass with SS-HJ unit entries and very nice 6.6.1944 "Teilnahme an den Invasionskampfen" entry!  Personnel file also has many details regarding his service. He was wounded on August 14, 1944 during the fierce fighting with the Canadians south of Caen/Falaise.  Also comes with his original SS-Stammkarte, and many other SS documents with SS stamps and signatures including many related to his SS-HJ service! There is one particularly interesting document dated Sept 1943 with SS-HJ division stamps - very early which makes him an original cadre member of the division! Rare grouping!
$1350 - sold
US WWII SUBMARINE KIA Purple Heart Document & Medal Group - USS BARBEL
Poignant grouping to Plank holder crewmember of the submarine USS BARBEL, NJ Van Ringelesteyn. He  enlisted into the navy reserves in april 1943 in Detroit. After basic & submarine school, he was promoted to quarter master 3rd class & assigned to the newly build submarine U.S.S. Barbel based at New London ct. Barbel arrived at Pearl Harbor on 21 June 1944 and commenced preparation for her first war patrol. From 15 July 1944-4 February 1945, she carried out four war patrols and is officially credited with sinking six Japanese ships totaling 15,263 tons. Barbel departed Fremantle, Australia, on 5 January 1945 for the South China Sea on her fourth patrol. Late in January she was ordered to form a "wolfpack" with Perch and Gabilan and patrol the western approaches to Balabac Strait and the southern entrance to Palawan Passage. On 3 February, Barbel sent a message reporting that she had been attacked three times by enemy aircraft dropping depth charges and would transmit further information on the following night. Barbel was never heard from again. Japanese aviators reported an attack on a submarine off southwest Palawan on 4 February. Two bombs were dropped and one landed on the submarine near the bridge. The sub plunged, under a cloud of fire and spray. This was very likely the last engagement of Barbel. She was officially reported lost on 16 February 1945.
--- The grouping consists of his original Purple Heart Medal certificate with original Admiral Forrestal signature,  & Accolade in original mailing tube to his wife, official letter announcing his award of the PURPLE HEART MEDAL USS Barbel's commissioning ship's party program, his original WWII, Pacific Theater and American Campaign Medals, original printed listing of crew of Barbel, his ORIGINAL CITATION and ORIGINAL SUBMARINE COMBAT BADGE, still on cardboard mount, document signed by Vice Admiral CA LOCKWOOD, other letters from officials concerning his death including two from and signed by GLYNN DONAHO - 4x Navy Cross Winner, two original large studio portraits of the man, and more.
$1450 - sold


AMAZING grouping to a hero of WWI AND WWII. He won one DSC in WWI and TWO in WWII while serving with the 9th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division.  He COMMANDED  the 9th Infantry Regiment during WWII and landed with the unit on Omaha Beach on D-DAY+1.  he also won THREE SILVER STARS!   He was one of only a very small number of men who received three or more DSC's!  Grouping consists of his original, formal citation for his first DSC!! Original signature of Secretary of War, John Weeks.   Also comes with his Original Citation for the BRITISH DISTINGUISHED SERVICE ORDER with original signature of King George VI!  Also comes with numerous original promotion and training course documents.  Also comes with a large scrapbook filled with newspaper clippings about the 2nd Division during the war as well as clippings about their son who was MIA in France in 1944, also serving with the 2nd Division. A rare chance to won a truly historic grouping to an American hero!
2950 - sold

GERMAN CROSS IN GOLD Winner SOLDBUCH & Document Group – 168 Inf Division - TOP!

Super grouping to DKiG Winner Major Otto ANZ. Comes with a nice grouping of documents including his SOLDBUCH with very nice officer portrait, all awards entered including the DKiG! Comes with his German Cross in Gold Award Document, Iron Cross Frist Class Award Doc with original signature Generalleutnant Dietrich Kraiß (Oakleaves winner), Iron Cross Second Class Award Doc with original signature General der Infanterie Karl Strecker (RK winner), Wound Badge in black, Drivers Badge III Klasse with original signature Generalleutnant Carl Becker (Oakleaves winner), General Assault Badge – also with Kraiß signature, Wound Badge in Silver, Westwall Medal. All with great signatures. Also lengthy newspaper clipping regarding his DKiG award, documents and performance reviews that have very good service details including Generalstab Akademie, original military discharge, formal promotion document to Leutnant, Bundeswehr Wehrpass, Truppenausweis, and more! He ended the war serving as the Ib in the Stab of the 253 Inf Division.
$2835 - sold

Wehrpass & Soldbuch  to Feldwebel  in Panzer Regiment 8.  Awarded the General Assault Badge,  Afrika Campaign medal, EK2, KVK2. Long list campaign entries including France Campaign and AFRIKA - Good entries of TOBRUK!   Soldbuch  entry for pay given for clothing allowance "In Afrika - 16.3.1942." Also entry that he arrived in Afrika on May 5, 1941. No photo; never had one. SB issued Jan 1942.  He escaped the destruction of the DAK in Africa. Then served in Res. Panzer Abt 7 and Gen. Kdo. LVIII Panzer Korps starting in June 1944. he was with the unit during "Operation Margarete" (occupation of Hungary).  Then he saw action in FRANCE , NORMANDY and the  ARDENNES and all  battles in West until the capitulation!!  On April 8, 1944* it transferred to Toulouse, France, and on April 15 was converted to an active panzer corps. The Corps moved to the Le Mans area on July 20, 1944, and took part in defensive operations against U.S. forces in the Alencon and Argentan areas southwest of Paris. Between August and September it gradually withdrew to the Barr area southwest of Strasbourg and participated in counterattacks in the Luneville and Mousson areas. During November 1944 the Corps transferred to the Munstereifel and Kyllburg areas to prepare for the Ardennes offensive, and on December 12 it advanced west from Waxweiler through Luxembourg to the Laroche area on the Ourthe River northwest of Bastogne. During the Ardennes offensive the LVIII. Fanzerkorps was given the code name of Gruppe Decker


Nice grouping to a Panzer soldier who served in Reserve Panzer Rgt 7 and then Panzer Abt. NORWEGEN.  Comes with his original issue SOLDBUCH with nice Panzer uniform photo and all pages. Wehrpass is also complete. Campaigns include occupation in France and then transfer to Norway with panzer Abt Norwegen not long after D-Day.  Also comes with about 10 nice Panzer studio portraits of the man, Wehrmacht driving license showing he can drive fully tracked vehicles, and, what is very interesting is the original POW card he would have work over uniform button stamped "HQ Allied Land Forces Norway."  Great for the Norwegian collector!


SOLDBUCH, Photo & Feldpost Grouping - FELDHERRNHALLE - Close Combat Clasp in SILVER - RARE!

TOP rare grouping to Panzer Pionier man who served in Panzer Division Feldherrnhalle. Soldbuch has great uniform photo of the man wearing General Assault Badge and lists awards: Sturmabzeichen awarded 18.5.43, Close Combat Clasp in Bronze awarded 14.12.43, Wound Badge in Black awarded 31.1.44, EK2 awarded 9.1.44, Close Combat Clasp in SILVER awarded 28.7.44, and Wound Badge in SILVER awarded 6.4.45.  Very nice Feldherrnhalle Stamps inside and a complete list of his Sturmtage which counted towards his CCC in Bronze and second list for his CCC in Silver!  He served in Panzer Pionier Batl 4 of the 13 Panzer Division and then in Feldherrnhalle!! Comes with a nice pile of FELDPOST including pieces from his time in POW camp. Also comes with about 20 original photos including ones in which he is wearing the Close Combat Clasp in SILVER and also the Feldherrnhalle cufftitle!  Super rare group! Don't miss it!
Army Gebirgsjaeger OFFICER Photo Album, Award Document and LAPPLANDSCHILD - Nice!

Very nice grouping to Leutnant Helmuth LUETH. he served in the 169 Inf Division as well as Kdo./ 9 Gebirgs Division.  Comes with his original LAPPLANDSCHILD awrd document and original LAPPLANDSCHILD. Document issued July 16, 1945 and is a nice printed version. Also comes with his KVK2 award document with original signature General Kurt DITTMAR. Also comes with his promotion to Oberfeurwerker from Army Firman School. Photo album contains appx 150 photos, Starts in the France Campaign. Excellent portrait photo, motorcycles & bicycle troops, another portrait wearing GJ peaked cap, more G insignias in wear, medals in wear, MG positions, requisitioned vehciles, artillery, bunkers, field bivouacs, 2cm Flak cannons, crashed RAF Fariey Battle airplane, troops in defensive position under bridge, 2cm Flak mounted on halftrack, VW Kubelwagen (in tropical paint), Sturmgeschutz III with four kill rings!, French POWs, another view of the StuG III showing "Prinz Eugen" painted on side!, KIA Russian POWs, KO Russian tanks, super view of Russian soldiers (including oriental troops) wearing Wehrmacht Army uniforms, graves, in Norway (signage should allow identification), ship transport, in Norwegian Fjords, KO T-34 and KV-1 tanks in Finland/Murmansk-front, and more. great grouping!
$895 - sold

SOLDBUCH & Award Document Group Inf Rgt 196 + Panzerfaust Document
Soldbuch, EK2 Award Document and Infnatry Assault Badge Award Document to Kurt BLAUL who served in Inf Rgt 196 of the 68 Infantry Division.  All awards entered into Soldbuch including the Ostmedaille.  What I really like is the document issued in 1944 which has a soldier holding a Panzerfaust - uncommon!  And first time I have seen this document. It is a thank you to soldiers from commander of a Heeresgruppe for his service on the East German border.
275 Euro - $360

Army SOLDBUCH & Award Document Group - 260 Inf Div
Man was in Inf Rgt 460 of the 260 Inf Div. Soldbuch has nice uniform photo with medals in wear, entry for CAMO HELMET COVER, all awards entered - IAB, WB Black and Ostmedallie. Page 1-2 missing.  Also comes with IAB award document and Wound Badge in Black Award Document.  Also French POW camp documents after his capture.
1936 Olympic Game Participant Photo Album + Cufftitle - TOP!
133 photos of August GROSS, a participant (A gymnast, I believe) in the 1936 Olympics who stayed at the international students village. Comes with an ORIGINAL "Internationales Sportstudentenlager" Cufftitle on cover! - very rare!  Super photos of these cufftitles in wear!!  Also comes with his OFFICIAL OLYMPIC AUSWEIS with photo and details identifying him as an active participant in the games!  Also a letter to the man regarding his participation, Very well captioned. Filled with excellent photos of the Olympics grounds, facilities, personnel, etc. Great photos of the atheletes "Die Mannschaft" in formal Army looking uniform, athletes training, Swedish team  Women exercising (he liked these), high officials, good photos of foreign teams, and more.  One of the best Olympic albums I have offered with rare documents and insignia - and only one a of a few to an actual athlete in the games!!
1100 Euro - $1560