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 Luftwaffe Photo MEDAL & Document Group – LEGION CONDOR – 3. (f) / Aufklärungsgruppe 121 – Battle of Britain – Spanish Cross Recipient - Captured and held as French POW - TOP!
Fantastic group to an Luftwaffe Feldwebel who served in the Legion Condor (Spanish Civil War), as well as in the Battle of Britain and campaigns in the Western and Eastern Front and in the Mediterranean. The group has over 180 photos with many captioned of his time in Spain in the area of La Cenia and Barcelona with great photos of the airbase in La Cenia and Jagdgruppe 88 unit marked planes including Me-109s, Ju-52s,Do-17s, W-34s, Fiat Cr-32s, Hs -123s, Hs-126s, Ju-87s and Arado-68s, great photos of Flak emplacements Flak 88, 3,7 cm Flak cannons, Flak observation outposts, Blockade ships including Panzerschiff Deutschland, Spanish troops with French helmet and British rifle, Bombed building outside of Madrid, Spanish troops, bands playing and more. There are also many photos of his time with 3.(f) Aufk. 121 with photos of him with in his flight suit, cockpit images, awards in wear, great Ju-88 and crew photos, time in France, huge bombs, destroyed enemy columns, bunkers, destroyed French planes Formal funerals ,knocked out French tanks , award ceremonies, group photos and Staffel commander and Knights Cross holder Hpt. Hans Baasner. The documents in the group are as follows his award document for the Spanish Cross in Bronze w/swords awarded 1939, Wound Badge in Black document awarded 1940, Iron Cross 2nd class awarded 1942 and his formal Spanish Civil War campaign medal document awarded 1939. His WEHRPASS is also included and is complete with photo and will filled out with entries and has training entries for K98 and P-08 pistol, lmg 13 and entries as a Flugzeug Mechanic with special notation for Henschels, the award entries entered are Wound badge in Black, Commemorative Medal of 1st October 1938, Iron Cross 2nd class, Eastern Front medal and the Romanian Crusade against Communism medal with Crimea campaign bar. There are numerous combat entries including actions in Poland, Western France missions to England and Romania and the Mediterranean. Another item of interest is that he was shot down in France in 1940 and was taken Prisoner and declared missing.  There is documentation included that was sent to his wife telling of the incident and that we was liberated and went back into service throughout the war before being taken prisoner in 1945. There are also handwritten notes and a map regarding his capture, site of his plane crash in France and his wife’s Kennkarte. Also his POW release papers and documents regarding his injury and capture from his command. The MEDALS included are his Spanish Civil War Medal, Iron Cross 2nd Class, Eastern Front medal, Black Wound Badge, Romanian Crusade against Communism medal, War Merit medal of 1939 and a miniature Spanish Cross and Italian Mussolini Dux medal, Overall a very complete grouping to a Luftwaffe man with a interesting career.
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