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108.   Army Photo Grouping - PROPAGANDA KOMPANIE - TOP!
App 600 photos from a man who served in Propaganda Kompanie 621. Most are larger 8x10cm size and also attack of even larger size. Great front photos - French POWs, Glass bottle Land Mines uncovered, photos of destroyed ROTTERDAM in 1940, original photos of general MANNSTEIN, General MODEL, KUCHLER, BRAUCHITCH and other identified high ranking officers, photos from PARIS, murdered Volksdeutsche in Poland, graves, photos of PLESKAU burning at night, 8.8cm Flak cannons firing at night, Railway cannons, PAK crews in action, HITLER giving speech, PANZERS, good photos of German troops in PARIS, good frontline combat images, bicycle infantry, Maginot Line bunkers, Panzer columns, aircraft, good photos of Russian TANKS, Sturmgeschutze, parachute flares landing. and more! Top group!