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1.    WAFFEN-SS Photo Album - SS Deutschland & SS DAS REICH - Poland Campaign - TOP!
143 photos named to SS Unterscharführer Adam LAUTENSCHLÄGER. He was KIA on July 21, 1941 in Russia. Comes with his funeral notice. Very good studio portraits of the man in SS uniform including SS1 Deutschland collar tab (one showing an odd variation), SS ceremonies with SS banners, SS camp smocks and helmets in wear, many pathos of SS Deutschland cuff titles in wear, ORIGINAL PHOTOS OF HITLER and HIMMLER, SS boxing matches, crossing the border into POLAND in 1939, good trench warfare photos, SS vehicles, SS mortar crews, Polish POWs, destroyed Polish towns, KIA soldiers, Polish JEWS in forced labor, refugees, SS grave, female POLISH medic, polish bunkers, SS parades, great SS motorcycle photo, SS Das Reich vehicle runes, and more. Top album!