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4.   SS Polizei & Luftschutzpolizei Soldbuch. Wehrpass & Award Document Grouping
Very interesting grouping to a man who served in the Luftschutzpolizei. Named to Wachtmeister der LS Polizei Willi WOLTERS.  He originally   Comes with his Wehrpass with original photo, SS SOLDBUCH with uniform photo. He was in the organization form 1940 when it was named SICHERHEITS UND HILFSDIENST (SHD), His ID tag is a SHD one, SB indicates.  Also comes with 1940 document listing him in the SHD.  Also comes with his KVK2 field award document with facsimile signature SS Brigadefuehrer and also his large Luftschutz Medal 2nd Class award document awarded 1943.