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78.  WAFFEN-SS SOLDBUCH & Document Grouping - SS Gebirgsjäger Regiment 12 "Michael Gaismair"
VERY nice grouping to SS Unterführer Anwärter Gerhard Oskar GRÜBE. He served in SS Gebirgsjäger Regiment 12 "Michael Gaismair," part of the 6. SS Gebirgs Division NORD. Comes with his original issued SOLDBUCH with original paper cover. Entry for the Gewehr 33/40 - often issued to mountain troops, has paper insert where his qualification days for the Close Combat Clasp and Infantry Assault Badge were recorded, full of entries and SS related stamps. Also comes with a super studio portrait of him in SS uniform. Also comes with a binder FULL o original correspondence from him to his family and also correspondence from his company officers and comrades to his family after his death. He was KIA on Nov 14, 1944. Also comes with an original SS EDELWEISS sleeve insignia (interestingly, an inventory of his personal effects were sent back to the family from the field; this insignia was mentioned). Also original SS promotion documents and more! Sadly, there is latter he sent home appx 10 days before he was killed.