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1.  PANZER Photo Album - Panzer Regiment 23 - France & Russia Campaigns
Named photo album to Helmut VEITH who's served in Panzer Rgt 23.  Excellent studio portrait of him wearing black Panzer wrapper & Panzer assault badge, another great portrait of him wearing early Panzer beret, group and unit photos, filled with good photos of him and his crew in there Panzer 38t tank, very good photos from the France Campaign, panzer columns, good images of panzers in the field, knocked out tanks and panzers, French tanks inspected, POWS, British Tommies marching past panzers, Panzer postcards, French girls in bathing suits, Veith posing on day of his EK2 award, crashed landed FW 189, then photos form Russia - good images of Panzers fanning out across Russian fields, KO Russian tanks, burning Russian villages, Russian aircraft, graves,SS Graves, and more. Great album!
$1450 - sold

2.  photos - PANZER & AFRIKAKORPS Photo Album
41 photos of a Panzer troop who served in North Africa. nice studio portrait in panzer uniform, photos of Panzer Badges in wear, tropical uniforms in wear, studio portrait in tropical uniform, troops in desert bivouacs, photos of the German Italian medal being worn in the field, more.
3.  photos  -   PANZER Photo Album - Panzer Regiment 2 - Sudetenland Campaign
123 photos of a man who served in Panzer Rgt 2.  Well captioned.  Photos from his Panzer unit rolling through the Sudetenland, locals cheering German entry, training Panzers, early Panzer berets in wear, other vehicles, Panzer columns in the field, photos from Berlin and other identified locations

4.  photos -  Army Photo Album - PAK Unit - France & Russia Campaigns - KRIM/KERTSCH
69 photos. Well captioned. Starts with his RAD service, portrait photos, photos of MANNHEIM bombed by the Allies, French Beutepanzer with German markings, tropical uniforms in wear, PAK cannons and crews, French Maginot Line bunkers, medals in wear, bunker positions in Feodosia, nice views taken from foxholes - one with many Russian tanks about ice he wrote "Tank Cemetery," more.
5.  photos -    PANZER OFFICER Photo Album - 3. Panzer Division + 20. Panzer Division - Sudetenland, Poland, France & Russia Campaigns
213 photos of a Panzer officer in Panzer Regiment 5, many captioned on reverse. Good photos of the man in Panzer uniform, excellent studio portraits, early Panzer berets in wear, burning Polish villages, good photos of Panzers, Panzer parades, border crossings, very nice long barrel Panzer IV photos, vehicles with unit emblems for the 3 and 20 Panzer Division, Panzers with white cross used in Poland Campaign, Czech Bunkers captured, French tanks, Panzer III badly shot up, Polish POWs, destroyed towns, great photo of a soldier surrendering with a homemade white flag, vehicles, Krads, ends with his Bundeswehr service. Great album!
 - sold

6.  photos -  PANZER Photo Album - Panzer Regiment 8
134 photos of a man who served in Panzer Rgt 8.  Well captioned.  Comes with an excellent large studio portrait of the man in Black Panzer uniform and Panzer Beret! original photo of HITLER,  many identified locations, funny photos of Panzer troops doing acrobatics on a motorcycle, ceremonies, other portrait photos, Panzer garrison ceremonies in Oldenburg, Panzer maneuvers, nice Panzer postcards, and more. Nice album.
 - sold

7.  photos - PANZER Photo Album - Panzer Regiment 1
127 photos of a man who served in Panzer Rgt 1. Well captioned.  Good studio portraits including ones in Panzer uniform, early Panzer berets in wear,  Panzer ceremonies,   Luger holsters worn by panzer troops, Krads, many Panzer photos, nice Panzer Rgt 1 Kaserne sign, generals, more.
  - sold

8.  photos -   Panzer Aufklärungs Photo Album - Aufklärungs Abteilung 4 - NÜRNBERG PARTY RALLY
115 photos of a man who served in Panzer Späh Komp. Aufklärungs Abteilung 4. in the original cardboard cover. Also comes with rare insert order form for the album!  Album has original signature of Kompanie Chef, many very Good Panzerspähwagen images, Krads, early panzer berets in wear, good photos from the man's unit's participation at a NÜRNBERG RALLY, Kaserne photos, Original HITLER Photo,  more!
 - sold

9.  photos -   Wartime PANZER MANUAL Grouping - Scarce!
Two copies of Panzerkampfwagenbuch - 1939 and 1940 editions - as well as a wartime copy of Guderian's Die Panzertruppen. 

10.  photos - Wartime PANZERJÄGER Tactic Books
three copies of wartime Geschütz und Zugaufgaben Der Panzerjägerkompanie.
11.  photos Imperial Army Maneuver Book
Published 1908.  Bestimmungen für die grösseren Truppenúbungen. 
12.  photos - PANZERSPÄHWAGEN Photo grouping + NÜRNBERG RALLY
540+ photos!   Large lot of very sharp contact prints of a Panzerspähwagen unit as well as good Nürnberg Rally content!  Fantastic Panzerspähwagen images of various types including rare interior images, Werkstatt Compare photos, PAK cannons, Panzer uniforms, Panzer berets, early MP on firing range, good detailed photos of the Nürnberg Rally also!
  - sold

Two original Deutscher Umsiedler ID's and a further ID for a Hungarian man.  Deutscher Umsiedler were of ethnic German immigrants or German nationals returning to Nazi Germany from Süd-Tirol, Bessarabien (in Rumania), the Baltic states, Croatia, the Soviet Union, Hungary and several other European countries
$185 - sold

14.  photos - Award Document Grouping - PANZER PIONIER - 13 Panzer Division
Two document grouping to a man who served in 2./Panzer Pionier Bat. 4 of the 13 Panzer Division. Comes with his Sturmabzeichen document with original signature Btl commander and his Black Wound Badge document also with later Btl. commander signature.
15.  photos -  Award Document Grouping - Panzer Aufklarungs Abt. 3 & Panzer Pionier Ball 51
Two documents, Silver Wound Badge document to man in Pz. Aufklarungs Abt. 3 and Driver's Badge in Silver to man in Panzer Pionier Bat. 51. Both with unit commanders' signatures.  
16.  photosAward Document Grouping - 19 Panzer Division
Two documents to Obergef. Martin WAGNER who served in Schuetzen Regiment 74 and later Panzer Nachrichetn Abt. 79. Original signature 19 Panzer Division commander. Also comes with his brother's death notice.
 - sold

17.  photos -   Award Document Grouping - Aufklarungs Staffel 4(H) 13 (Pz)
Promotion document to Feldwebel with original signature III./JG 52 commander, KVK2 award document with original signature General, and father's Hindenburg Cross document.
18.  photos Award Document Grouping - Panzer Regiment 3 - KIA Poland 1939
Grouping to Get Wilhelm BIEDERT who served in 8. Panzer Rgt 3. Comes with his 13 Mark 1938 medal document, 1 Okt medal with Spange document, enclosure letter for the Sudetenland medal indicating he was KIA in Poland, a variety of other military documents from his service, several scarcer PANZER Schiessbucher, portraits, Feldpost, Maps, Geschwindigkeitsschatzbuch Fur Panzertruppen, condolence letters, more. 
 - sold

19.  photos -   AWARD Document Grouping - Panzerspähwagen - Panzer Aufklarungs Abt 120 - 20 Panzer Grenadier Division
Award document grouping t man who served in Panzer Aufklarungs Abt 120.  Comes with his military discharge, Silver Wound Badge from Sept 1944, Iron Cross Second Class with original signature General and Korps commander, POW Camp document, 20 Panzer Gren Division Document.
 - sold

20.  photos   Document Grouping + Fahrlehrerschein - Panzer Jaeger Ausb Abt 33
Nice grouping including Driver's License as well as Training Driver's License for fully tracked vehicles 15-30 ton.  Nice assortment of other IDs as well.
21.  photos -  PANZER Wehrpass & Document Grouping - Panzer Aufklarungs Abt. 21
Comes with his Driver's license with photo, Red Cross Ausweis, Feldpost, hand typed account of service, Wehrpass, complete with units dating from 1938 starting with Kai Rgt 8 to Dec 1943.  Served in Panzer Aufklarungs Abt. 21, among others. Extensive trainman and qualification list, campaign entries for Poland, France and Russia Campaigns, and more.
 - sold

22.  photos  KIA Photo & WEHRPASS Grouping - Panzer Aufklarungs Abteilung 4 - 1 Panzer Division
Grouping of Obergef. ustav HEGEMANN who served in AA4 of the 1. Panzer Division. Comes with Feldpost, selection of his personal photos, photos of his grave, exclosure letter for his Ostmedaille, death notices, condolence letter from his company commander, Wehrpass with entry for the EK2, long campaign list.

23.  photos -  Luftwaffe Photo Album - Poland + France & Russia Campaigns - GALICIA 
263 photos. Well captioned.  List of his travels in the war through 1944, nice studio portraits, Russian tanks, destroyed French towns, Westwall bunkers and fortifications, vehicles, many photos from GALIZIA - Poland, aircraft, bunker positions, winter Stellungen and more.   Galicia is a historical and geographic region spanning what is now southeastern Poland and western Ukraine.It covers much of such historic regions as Red Ruthenia (centered on Lviv) and Lesser Poland

24.  photos -   Army Photo Album - France Campaign
173 photos. Well captioned.  French POWs, destroyed french towns, photos from Wildflecken Kaserne, artillery cannons, graves, bunkers,  Bunker positions identified positions in  Belgium, mounted troops, more.

25.  photos -  Army Photo Album - 2. Panzer Division - Poland & France Campaigns
187 photos of a man who served in an Artillery Rgt of the 2 Panzer Division. Photos of Knights Cross winner, Flak cannons, halftracks, vehicles, graves, Generals, foxholes, Polish POWs,  burning villages, French POWs, Maginot Line Bunkers, great photo of French POWs on a Schuetzenpanzerwagen with division emblem, French Beutepanzer, knocked out French PAK with KIA crew, Refugees, French Tanks, soldier grieving at comrades grave, French road signs, more.
 - sold

26.  photos -   Army Photo Album - France & Russia Campaigns
90 photos. Well captioned. In official unit album of Nachrichten Abteilung 296. identified locations in France, Krads, vehicles, French refugees, French POWs, funerals in the field, troops in Paris, KO French tanks, KO french bunkers, photos from DUNKIRK, Panzers, bicycle infantry, KO Russian Tanks, nice photo of knocked out Russian Bunker, Panzer columns on the Russian Steppe, vehicles with emblems and tactical Abzeichen, more!
27.  photos   GEBIRGSJAEGER Photo Album Grouping - Gebirgsjaeger Regiment 98 - Westwall, Poland, France Balkan and Russia Campaigns - TOP!
Three super albums to a man who served in GJR 98 and later Inf Rgt 437. Named to Franz STREIBL. 475 photos.  Well captioned. Content from the Westwall, Poland, France Balkan and Russia Campaigns.   Great studio portrait of the man, original Edelweiss flowers, GJ troops hiking in the Alps, super Alpine images, nice portrait of unit commander, Westwall fortifications, troops in foxholes, Luger holsters, identified locations, salty infantry in the field, French POWs, destroyed aircraft, breaking through the Maginot Line, KIA German soldiers, graves, French POWs surrendering, photos in Yugoslavia, bicycle infantry, Italian soldiers, Russian tanks, foxholes, Egg grenades, graves, photos from CRIMEA, medals in wear, more. Great grouping.
28.  photos -  Third Reich uniform insignia Grouping
Nice grouping, all original

29.  photos -  WEHRPASS - RSO Driver - Rare! 
Rare Wehrpass to a Stabsgf. who was a qualified RSO driver. The RSO - Raupenschlepper Ost -  was a fully tracked, lightweight vehicle used by the Wehrmacht in World War II. 
30.  photos -   WEHRPASS - Panzerjäger - Grenadier Rgt 352 - 246 Inf Division
Wehrpass named to Walter SPIESS who served in  Inf Rgt 352 - 246 Inf Division. Awards exerted for the Black Wound badge and Infantry Assault Badge. Campaign entries for Russia Campaign. He was KIA on Nov 10, 1942
31.  photos - WEHRPASS & Document Grouping - 168 Inf. DivisionWEHRPASS & Document Grouping - 168 Inf. Division
Named grouping to Uffz. Rudolf RENNER who served in Inf Rgt 417 of the 168 Inf Div.
Nice studio portrait of the man, condolence letters enclosure letter for his Posthumous Infantry Assault Badge, Wehrpass with qualification entries for the MP 38 and MP 40, uncommon "Bunkerstosstrupp Ausbildung" - training for Bunker assaults, awards for the EK2 and Inf Assault Badge.  Campaign entries fro France & Russia.  He was KIA on Jan 2, 1942 in Russia. 
 - sold

32.  photos - WEHRPASS - Inf Rgt 418 - JAEGER Ers. Btl. 56 - DEMYANSK
Wehrpass named to Gef. Paul DUERR who served in Inf Rgt 418 and Jaeger Era Btl 56 of the 123 inf Division.   Awards entered include Inf Assault badge, EK2 and Black Wound Badge. Saw much action in Demyansk.
33.  photos -   Wehrpass & Award Document Grouping - KUBAN
Grouping named to Christian GUTEKUNST who served in Inf Rgt 419 of the 125 Inf Division.  Awards entered include EK2, Inf Assault Badge, Black Wound Badge & Silver Would Badge. Also comes with his Black Wound Badge award document and Silver Wound badge document. 
34.  photos -  WEHRPASS - NORMANDY 1944 - Signal Intercept and Cryptoanalysis!
Wehrpass named to Uffz. Ernst BAUER.  He served in Feste nachrichten Auklarungsstelle 12 from 1943 to 1945.  His Wehrpass has entry for qualification as a Funker, Funkaufklarer and Schlüssler - ENIGMA OPERATOR! His unit operated as a radio interception and intelligence unit, intercepting the radio messages of the Allies as well as Cryptoanalysis.  Great campaign entries for the Westfront in 1944 and 1945. Extremely rare unit!!

35.  photos WEHRPASS - 21 Panzer Division - NORMANDY 1944 
Wehrpass named to Gef. Fritz GOEHLER.  He served in Panzer Regiment 100 of the 21 Panzer Division from 1943 to 1944 and Panzer Rgt 22 through 1945! Entries show he was stated in NORMANDY in 1944, as was all units in the 21 Panzer Division! Awarded the KVK2. 
 - sold

36.  photos - Medal & Award Document Grouping - POLAND - Holocaust Atrocities
KVK2 award document, medal and original medal packet for Oberzollsekretar Sylvester BRIX who was stationed in Schröttenburg - German for Plock, Poland. Many Holocaust related atrocities occurred here. As a governmental official, he would have been a part of this.

37.  photos -  GERMAN CROSS & Iron Cross Unused "Vorschlagsliste" - 3x
Three unused Vorschlagsliste - preliminary documents for the DKIG and two for Iron Cross various classes. Scarce to find
38.  photos -   German Red Cross FEMALE Nurse Photo Album & ID
150 photos and very nice Verwendungsbuch for a german Red Cross Nurse.  ID booklet is very well filled out with original uniform photo. Award for Medaille fur Deutsche Volkspflege entered. Album has several very nice studio portraits, insignia in wear, various hospital photos, photos with soldier she treated, soldier portrait photos, photos on holiday in the Alps, cute girl portraits, and more. Nice group.
39.  photos -  WEHRPASS & Photo Album - Inf Regiment 57, 379, 392 - France Campaign & Finland - KIA FINLAND
145 photos need to Uffz. Arthur SCHNELL who served in Inf Rgt 392 during the France Campaign and later in Finland.  Wehrpass is complete. Awards entered include EK2 and 1 Okt 1938 Medaille. Good France Campaign entries for France Campaign and also Finland. He was KIA on July 7, 1941 in during the Battle of Salla.  Album contains good weapons photos - MG & Mortars, General wearing Knights Cross, unit photos, greta large portrait of General wearing PLM, bunkers, medal ceremonies, French road signs, more.

41photos  -  GENERAL'S Photo Album - Generalt. Alfred Von PUTTKAMMER 
40 photos of Generalleutnant Alfred Von PUTTKAMMER. Very nice studio portrait of him in uniform. other photos of him in uniform, photos of his son in uniform and more. 
42 photos -  GERMAN CROSS IN GOLD WINNER Photo Album - France, Balkans, Russia
110 photos of DKIG winner Oberwachmeister Wilhelm BUCHHEIM who served in Heeres Art. Abt 64.  Well captioned. Super studio portrait of him wearing DKIG and other medals.   other good studio portraits of him, photos form his early pre war service, artillery, mounted troops, ceremonies, photos form the France campaign then the Balkans, award ceremony for his EK2 in Russia, company commander's grave, photos from CRIMEA, artillery positions before Sevastopol, StuG III, forced laborers, winter positions in Rsschew, winter camo in wear, MG 34 trench positions, more. 
43 photos - WAFFEN-SS Photo Album - SS TOTENKOPF Division - France Campaign
135 photos of a SS Totenkopf man. Good studio portrait of him and brothers in uniform, SS Knights Cross Winner, early SS uniforms, training, ceremonies, large SS Kaserne sign, weapons photos, SS vehicle plates, SS tK emblems on trucks in the field, then photos from the France Campaign, destroyed French towns and villages, KO vehicles, Krads with TK emblems, French POWs, field bivouacs. French materiel, more.
 - sold

44 photos - BDM GIRL'S Photo Album - LANDJAHR
55 photos of a boy's HJ Landjahr service.  Comes with his Landjahr uniform insignia and a nice HJ Landjahr card. Well captioned.     nice photos of BDM girls in uniform, doing exercises, ceremonies, Landjahr service activities, postcards, high leaders, original photo of HITLER in 1936, WHW souvineers, and more. 

45 photos  -  British RAF Photo Album - 84 Squadron
130 photos of a RAF airman who served in 84 Squadron (Scorpions) in India. Many good aircraft photos. unit photos, portraits, goofing off, interacting with locals,  crashes, and more.


46photos - Army Photo Album 
36 photos in a nice hard back book type album.  Well captioned.  Many cavalry and mounted troop photos, General and more

47 photos - GENERAL & KNIGHTS CROSS WINNER Photo Album
18 photos of a General receiving the Knights Cross in the field. Photos of other high award winners, nice images!

48photos - LEGION CONDOR Marine Photo Album - Zerstörer Max Schulz
105 photos of a Kriegsmarine sailor who served on the Destroyer Max Schulz during the Spanish Civil War in the Legion Condor.  Cap tallies in wear, good ship photos, ships at sea, Japanese sailors, in various pots of call, then photos in Spain, portraits and more. 
$335 - sold
105 photos.  Starts with a nice studio portrait in Allgemeine SS uniform, nice SS Motorcycle photo with SS plates, SS Panzer wraps and SS Feldgrau StuG wraps, SS LAH collar tabs in wear, weapons, nice large unit photo form 1941, portraits, SA photos, marching, flags, parades, uncommon heavy winter SS uniforms in wear, and more. 
  - sold

50 photos - Army Photo Album - France Campaign - BELGIUM + OBERSALZBURG - BERGHOF
148 photos. Many captioned on the reverse, Large unit photo, portraits, officers, mounted troops, parades, ceremonies, gorgets in wear, flags, traveling to the Obersalzburg, visiting the BERGHOF - long line of people waiting to see Hitler, vehicles, Krads, bicycle infantry, wearing landers on the march, troops capturing Fort De Fleron in Liege Belgium, refugees, Germans checking papers at checkpoints, Belgian POWs, more. 

51photos German WWI Photo Album - DUNABURG 1916-17
30 photos. Covers man's participation in the Battle of DUNABURG. Good trench photos portraits, MG trench position, photos of no man's land, cool photo of a floodlight used to illuminate no man's land, photo showing enemy positions marked, destruction, trench periscope in use, and more. Nice album
 - sold

52photos Army Photo Album - 97th JAEGER SPIELHAHNFEDER DIVISION - TOP!
268 photos of a man who served in the 97 Jaeger Division - Spielhahnfeder Division (Black Grouse Division). Covers has the unit emblem on it. Very well captioned.  Many identified locations, Gypsies, photos from  Poland and Slovakia, bicycle infantry, Krads, vehicles,  weary troops on the march, captured russian tanks, mules with specialized gear, good foxhole photos, burning tanks, mortar positions, General Fretter PICO visiting the unit, French Beutepaner used in Russia, identified personnel, KIA Russian soldiers, Russian soldiers being searched, RK portrait photo, great combat photos!! Top album!
$1245  - sold

53photos -   2x Army Photo Album & Diary Grouping - POLAND, France & Russia - TOP!
480 photos in two albums from the same man. Beautifully captioned. Nice hard back book typed albums.  Also is filled with documents, hand drawn maps and mementoes from his service including his diary pages he kept in the field. Really a time capsule! Starts with his Marine Hitler Jugend service, nice portrait of him in Marine HJ uniform!, then RAD service, then photos from the POLAND CAMPAIGN and the French Campaign,   photos form Paris, Arromanches, many identified locations in Poland, crashed aircraft, Krads, foxholes, details of his EK@ award, death notices of comrades, and more.  Super group!

56 photosSA & KDF Photo Album - Mediterranean Trip + NÜRNBERG RALLY
120 photos of a family traveling on a KDF cruise in the Mediterranean and later attendance at a NU@RNBERG RALLY.  Well captioned.  nice photos of Italy, life on the ship, good SA photos of one family member,  good photos of Party Rally in Nürnberg, original photo of ERNST RÖHM in parade in Nürnberg Altstadt, then photos from Berlin showing many Swastika flags and more. Nice album.

57 photos  -  Luftwaffe Photo Album - Bildstelle - Aircraft
76 photos of a Luftwaffe man who served in a Bildstelle in an Auklarungs unit in the field. Photos of the unit developing and inspecting aerial recon photos from reconnaissance planes, recon photos taken from the air, vehicles, aircraft of the unit,  troops on the march, life in the field, more.

58 photos -  Army Photo Album - Russia Campaign + TOP LATE WAR WESTFRONT CONTENT!
194 photos. Well captioned throughout. Super content including late war 1944/45 in France as well as fantastic Russian Front content!  Content starts in Summer of 1941, partisan hunting in October 1941, good photos of life in the field including great show of their bunker with much gear, Panzers in action in the field, graves, Pak positions, medals in wear, photos from KURSK, great photos of PANZERS attacking in the field, troops in foxholes, POWs, Russian tanks, many identified locations - Charkow, Stalino, Rostow, etc. great photo of a T-70 tank with graffiti and KIA crew, then photos in France in the summer 1944 with destruction from JABO attacks, burning Halftrack the victim of American JABOs June 23, 1944 (!),  other photos captioned the they are hiding from Jabos, several photos from EPINAL in June 1944, positions in  BELLEAU WOOD France in Aug. 1944, GENERAL RUNDSTEDT visiting their unit in July 1944 in St. George, France, ROUEN & AMIENS, in Aug 1944, photos of Fallschirmjaeger in ODENWALD in March 1945, and more! Very scarce late war Westfront content from the German perspective. 
 - sold

60photos -  3x Luftwaffe Photo Album Grouping - ITALY 
300 photos in three albums from the same man.  Starts with portrait photo of him in SA uniform, then photos from his RAD service, portraits in Luftwaffe tropical uniform, italian troops, interacting with Italian locals, Italian towns with German banners, Italian women posing with troops, nice camo painted trucks, tropical uniforms in wear, comrades portraits, group photos,  destroyed towns and cities, and more!
 - sold

61photos Army Photo Album - RUSSIA Campaign - Artistic!
110 photos  Very artistically captioned.  And drawn maps, starts Feb 1941, parades, ceremonies, radio positions, vehicles, knocked out Russian T-34 tanks, captured Russian aircraft, Russian airfields, Russian POWs, graves, troops in winter, weapons, bunkers, maps he used in the field, more.
  - sold

62photos  -   AFRIKAKORPS Photo Album + Italy - ELBA ISLAND - 1944
159 photos. Well captioned   Starts with the man in Tripolis.  Good tropical uniforms in wear, troops interacting with locals, identified locations in Africa, MG positions in the desert, Italian troops, captured British soldiers, vehicles, captured British photos, photos of the retreat to Tripolis, artillery positions, then rare photos of him evacuating to ELBA Island in Italy where he ended the war when french troops invaded. scarce photos of his unit stationed on the Italian island of ELBA through June 19, 1944 - the day the Germans evacuated Elba, then photo of him in French POW camp - perhaps he did not evade the french forces who had invaded Elba.
  - sold

63 photos - Army Photo Album - Russia Campaign - Pionier Btl 24.
107 photos of a man who served in Pionier Btl 24. Artistically captioned. Starts with his basic training, nice studio portrait pf him wearing helmet,  photos of Pionier equipment and maneuvers, then transfer to the Eastern Front, destroyed Russian cities, troops on the march, bunker life, identified locations in Russia, halftracks and other vehicles in the field, photos from RSHEW 1942, Russian Pows, medals in wear, graves, the man on day of his EK2 award, postcards and more.

64photosHITLER JUGEND Landjahr Photo Album - TOP!
180 photos.  Covers the Landjahr service in 1938 of a Hitler Youth boy. Good typed details and maps, very good photos of HJ boys in uniforms, trumpets and drums, Landjahr banners, well captioned, ceremonies, group photos, HJ officers, boys in work service duties, marching, HJ equipment, visiting DANZIG and other towns and cities, and more. Super album!
 - sold

65 photos -  Army Photo Album & ORIGINAL ARTWORK + AWARD DOCUMENTS - Russian Campaign - Grenadier Rgt 21 - 17 Infanterie Division - Nice!!
152 photos of a man who served in Gren Rgt 21 of the 17 Inf Division. Also includes very nice original artwork done by the soldier. Nice portrait photo of the man, well captioned, photos from his time stationed on the french Atlantic coast in 1942-43 in Lorient and other locations, nice photos of interesting camo painted helmets,   
medals in wear, very good trench position photos, StuG in action, camo uniforms in wear, recovery in hospital after being wounded in January 1944, and more. Also comes with his original award documents for Black Wound Badge, Silver Wound Badge, military discharge, and more!
 - sold

66photos - Waffen-SS Magazine.Booklet - Sieg Der Waffen-Sieg Des Kindes
Original SS propaganda publication.  Nordland-Verlag Gmbh, Berlin, (1941), 32 pp. 
  - sold

67photos  - Waffen-SS Feldpost to Female BUCHENWALD Camp HELFERIN - TOP RARE!
VERY rare two piece grouping to a FEMALE SS HELFERIN at BUCHENWALD! From SS Kommando Junkers Werke - likely manufacturing of V2 rocket engines. 
 - sold

71photos -   NÜRNBERG Bicycle Riding Organization Medal, Document & Photo Grouping
Very nice documents for man participating in a Bund Deutscher Radfahrer event. Two original photos of him with his bike as well as two documents (one Nurnberg related) and the medal.  Rare!

72photos - Original Grouping of Third Reich German Uniform Litze
LARGE grouping of original Third Reich Uniform Litze which my buyer got from a very old tailor's shop.  Great as a dealer lot to sell individually.

73 photos - German WWI FLIEGER Photo Album
23 photos. Great images of a man who served in a German WWI flinger unit. Photos of aircraft, crashed, photos taken from plane in flight, service areas, aircraft identification numbers, captured Allied aircraft, and more. Nice album!

74 photos - GEBIRGSJAEGER photo Album - GJR 100 - Poland, France and Russia Campaigns
262 photos.Well captioned. All from the same Mountain Troop soldier who served in GJR 100. group photos,  ceremonies, identified locations in France & Russia,  PAK cannons, refugees, road signs, troops in Paris, destruction, photos from Poland  campaign 1939, GJ uniform insignia, GJ troops in Alpine locations, climbing gear, Sturmgeschutze, Panzerjaeger Tanks, bicycle infantry, Russian T-34 tanks, medals in wear, Russia KV-2 tanks, weary infantry, french captured materiel, foxholes, identified officers, GJ MG positions in mountains, Krads, large portrait photo of the man and more. 

75 photos -  Kriegsmarine Photo Album - DENMARK
75 photos. Artistically captioned. Unit photo, warships, identified locations in Denmark including Dragør, portrait photos,  KM coastal artillery positions, and more. The album was purchased bu the man in Denmark - has original shop tag in rear.
 - sold

76photos - Army Photo Album - France Campaign - Infanterie regiment 437
155 photos of a man who served in IR 437.  Unit photos, nice studio portrait photos, bunkers, road signs, scherenfernrohr, plane crashes, field radios, observation balloon, French aircraft, bicycle infantry, destroyed towns, weary infantry on the march, knocked out TANKS, vehicles, French tanks on trailers, French colonial POWs, 
French POW camp, man and comrades wearing EK2 medals, motorcycles, and more.

77 photosGirl's BDM Photo Album - Volkspolitischer Out-Einsatz in Alt-Sandez  - POLAND - TOP!
153 photos. Very nice album of a BDM girl stationed in Poland.  Comes in a typical wooden album she would have bought in country at the time. Well captioned. She was assigned to Volkspolitischer Out-Einsatz in Alt-Sandez (Stary Sacz), Poland. Photos of her headquarters/quarters, work service activities, Waffen-SS troops posing with the woman and comrades, BDM uniforms, SS Betriebsgruppe Krakau signage, nice studio portrait of a HJ boy, BDM girls in sports uniforms, more. Great album!
 - sold

78. photosLuftwaffe Photo Album - KIA
113 photos. Well captioned throughout.  Concerns LW man KIA on August 22, 1942.  Ceremonies, several very nice portraits including one in flight helmet, identified officers, trining, photos from Straubiing, celebrations in the field, photos from his funeral in the field, funeral announcement, more.
  - sold

80. photos - German WWI FLIEGER Photo Album - Flieger Abteilung 46 - TOP!
188 photos super photos of a German WWI Flieger unit - Flieger Abt 46.  Well captioned. One of the best WWI Flieger photo albums we have offered in some time.  Great photos of planes, pilots in flight gear, troops in trench positions, bunkers, crashed planes in the field,  great photos of planes on identified airfields in France, planes with identification markings, Aerial recon photos, Christmas in the field, graves,  nice life in the field images, Artillery trucks, unit vehicles with emblems, unit bands, destroyed french towns, KIA, unit photos and more. Super album!

81.  photosAFRIKAKORPS Photo Grouping + Greece, France & Russia
200 photos of a DAK solider. Good photos from desert bivouacs, graves, tropical uniforms, vehicles, crashed planes, Russian tanks, Krads, French POWs,   French POW camp, portraits, photos from Athens, Flak cannons and more. 
 - sold

82. photos - Luftwaffe HELFERIN Photo Grouping

83.  photos -  Photo & DOCUMENT GROUPING - Jagd Kommando 3
90 photos. Comes with his KVK2, Black Wound Badge and Ostmedaille award documents. The man was in Jagdkommando3 which was formed from WACH BATL BERLIN. Also comes with 90 photos form a field RAD unit serving in the CRIMEA.  The KVK2 award document was awarded in KERTSCH. 

84. photosPANZER WEHRPASS & Photo Grouping - KIA - Panzer Regiment 35
Grouping to man who served in Panzer Rat 35 who was KIA on Jan 8, 1942 in Russia. Wehrpass is very well filled out. Comes with other documents, portraits of the man and death notices of him.  Wehrpass has extensive campaign list. 
  - sold

86. photos -   Army Photo Album Grouping - France & Russia Campaigns - Nice!
425 photos in three albums from the same man. Studio portraits, photos in France, field bivouacs, troops in full kit, helmet nets, panzer vernichtungs training, great photos of various Panzer destruction devices including some rare ones (super photo!), photos from Mont ST Michel, MG positions, photos form the Balkans, troops navigating fierce Russian mud, POWs, planes, Russian aircraft, FLAK positions, Russian Tanks, French materiel, French POWs, Ski troops in winter camo, POW camps, crashed planes, Zwillingssockel MG 34, good heavy artillery cannon images, and more!

87.  photosKriegsmarine Photo Album - DESTROYER - SPAIN, NORWAY
105 photos. Named inside to the sailor. Great studio portrait, unit photo,  photos of the ship at sea, studio portraits, destroyer Badges in wear, photos from NARVIK, more!
  - sold

88. photos -   Army Photo Album - Infanterie Regiment 35
114 photos. in original unit album cover. Man's name is inside front cover. Well captioned. Portraits of the man, officer portraits, typed unit history details, training, ceremonies, weapons, WHW photos, parades, planes, Attrappenpanzer (fake training panzers), Panzers, mounted troops, troops on march, photos form his time as a POW, more.
 - sold

89. photos -  Army Photo Grouping - France, Denmark, ITALY
185 photos, all from one man's service in Denmark, France and Italy.   French POWs, vehicles, trenches, destroyed French towns, MG crews, red cross armbands in wear, troops in DENMARK, camo helmets in wear, trenches, camo uniforms, portraits, photos from his RAD service, and more.
$175 - sold

90. photos Luftwaffe Photo Album Grouping - France Campaign + Russia & Balkans - DUNKIRK Photos
235 photos in two photo albums. Portrait photos, unit photos, ceremonies, officers, vehicles, photos from his RAD service, French aircraft, French tanks, several photos of crashed Me 110 planes some with emblems, bicycle infantry, French POWs on the march, destroyed french towns, French colonial POWs, piles of French materiel, French refugees, burning villages, British soldier graves on beach at Dunkirk, destruction in town of Dunkirk, photos of hanged partisans with signs hung on them, British vehicles at Dunkirk, KO French B-1 tanks, KIA Dutch soldier in window, KNIGHTS CROSS WINNERS, postcards, artillery positions, and more Greta album!
$435  - sold

92. photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - France Campaign
169 photos. Photos fro Paris. Other Frech towns and cities, good photos of vehicles especially an uncommonly seen convertible,  troops in bunkers, medals in wear, and more.
 - sold
93. photos - Luftwaffe Photo Album - France and Russia Campaigns
151 photos.  Destroyed towns, Maginot Line bunker positions, Flak cannons, vehicles, Road sign trees, troops interacting with Russian locals, portrait photos, and more
 - sold

94. photos Luftwaffe Photo Album
90 photos. Unit photos, training and maneuvers, portrait photos, postcards, and more.
 - sold

95. photos - Army Photo Album - Infanterie Regiment 61 - Russia Campaign
154 photos. In official unit album. Very nice studio portrait pf the man, troops in winter camo, ski troops, Panzers, Russian aircraft, bunkers, field bivouacs, photos of him in the Mediterranean in 1944, Russian tanks knocked out, field radios, graves, German Cross winner, officers, Russian vehicles, artillery cannons under camo, river crossings, halftracks, medals in wear after award in the field, Russian artillery, more.

96.  photos - NÜRNBERG RALLY SCULPTOR Photo Album
51 photos with very rare photos of one of the sculptor who designed and made the large Eagles at the Nürnberg Rally Zeppelin Field - Kurt Schmid-Ehmen! Original photos of the sculpture being made and installed as well as other images of his works, The album belonged to a man ho worked in his studio. then later photos of him in his RAD service, more!
 - sold

97. photos -  Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery Photo ALbum
86 photos. Portrait photos, coastal artillery positions, officers, bands performing, postcards, field shows for the troops, burning towns from Allied bombing raids, Allied bomber contrails above their position,  funeral positions, very nice hand drawn portrait and more.

98. photos - HITLER JUGEND & Luftwaffe Photo Album - PILOT
140 photos. Well captioned Photos of Hitler Jugend boy during his glider trining, good images of various gliders, then photos from his Luftwaffe service, medals in wear, tropical uniforms, then Luftwaffe glider training, in LW uniform wearing glider badge, photos of the man stationed in france in 1942 and after, identified French towns - TOUL, ST BRIEUC and others, officers, photos taken from planes in flight, photos of the man serving in Kampfgeschwader 2, nice portraits including one in flight gear, several photos of the man wearing Pilots Badge, more.

99. photos - AFRIKAKORPS Photo Album Grouping + Documents from POW Camp
215 photos from his DAK service and 185 photos from his Bundeswehr service. Named to Heinrich KRATZENBERG.  In two albums. Comes with rare document from his time in Camp Grubr in Oklahoma. Nice portrait photo in tropical uniform in Afrika, portrait photos from his time in POW camp in the USA, photos visiting Pompeii, Panzers, halftracks, photos in Italian villages, identified locations in AFRICA, Kubelwagen, Soldatenheim in Benbazi, field bivouacs in the desert, camo painted vehicles, DAK emblems, graves, photos from POW camp, other documents from POW camp, more.